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One house, in the neighborhood, was reserved for the guests, from Karachi. The house, where the bride lived was next to the reserved one.

A big hall was reserved for the ladies in bride’s home.

Akbar, the groom, and Neelum the bride, were cousins. They were familiar with each other. Nothing was new or strange for anyone.

Neelum was extraordinary beautiful. Any boy, who saw her, couldn’t resist falling for her. She had charismatic charm that attracted everyone, towards her. Many boys proposed her. But, she was made in the heaven, for Akbar only.  So the prince charming, Akbar came all the way from Karachi, to marry, his beloved.  Akbar and Neelum anxiously waited for their wedding bells to toll. They both had fondness for each other.

Akbar used to call her; Neelum Parri. Parri means a fairy in Urdu language. 

Before the formal wedding paperwork, Akbar’s mother called Rashida to bring her the suitcase of wedding dresses. Rashida brought the suitcase from the other room, and put it, before her mother. She took out the keys from her purse and unlocked it.

The moment she lifted the cover; she felt, wobbly and vertigo. She put a hanky on her nose. It was not only Rashida’s mother who sensed that putrid smell, but all ladies present there. Rashida was more sensitive, so she at once ran to the washroom, to vomit out.  The smell was so awful that it severely affected, on everyone’s nerves.

The dresses in the suitcase were all spoiled. They gave such grubby look and awful stink that no had the heart too even look at, leave aside to touch them. The other ladies left the room with their nose covered. Some feeling giddy, rushed to the washrooms. Rashida’s mother was in the room alone. She checked the jewelry boxes. Those were in the same rotting condition, diffusing the same stinky smell. Each and every cloth and every piece of gold were besmeared.

She sat there in deep shock. She couldn’t make out, that who did all this and why? Then, there she heard, a mewing of a cat.

Mother caught sight of the black tomcat, coming out from behind a cupboard. He licking his front paws leisurely, yawned, and glancing at mother, left the room.

There was something alarming in his eyes. Though she was a brave lady, having strong nerves, felt unstable. She went out of the room, to stable her shaky nerves.

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