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Beauty and the Brute pt14

Posted on: July 28, 2012

Kulsoom came out of the room smiling, after two or three hours. “Kulsoom, what happened to you my dear?”  Mother, concerned and confused, at the same time, asked her. Kulsoom innocently relied, “What could happen to me mother. I was sleeping, you know it.”

“Don’t you remember anything Kulsoom?” mother asked her. Kulsoom seeing her mother upset, asked her, “Do tell me, mother please, what happened to me? Why are you so upset?”

“Don’t you remember anything, Kulsoom? You pushed me out of the room. Where did you get such power from? It’s terrible. I’m worried.”

“How can I push you mother? You think I can be so offensive and disobedient?”  Kulsoom felt very uncomfortable. She held her mother close, hugging her, with eyes filled with tears. Kulsoom was a very sweet natured and modest girl. She felt ashamed and awfully guilty, to know that she misbehaved with her mother. She kept asking for forgiveness repeatedly.

Days passed. Kulsoom went through the same situation, on and off. But she never remembered all that happened to her.

One day, Kulsoom was sitting near the flaming stove, cooking when she started behaving in the odd manner.  Her mother fearing she might not catch fire, while shaking and twitching, she tried to pull her away. Just then she heard the same coarse voice, “get your dirty hands away, from her. Don’t you see we have come here?”  Mother said, “I know very well, but with due respect, it’s better if you get inside the room. I fear she might not burn herself.” “Rest assured! Nothing can harm her, when we are with her.”  Her mother heard again, “would you to hear flute being played?”

“The flute? Yes why not, but, there’s no flute here.” Mother said.  Kulsoom, pointing to a small iron pipe making mockingly said, “Here’s the flute.”

The pipe turned into a snake charmer’s flute. Kulsoom, who was not Kulsoom, but a transformed being, played that flute, nonstop, for hours. Neighbors, hearing the melodious flute also gathered in their home. Kulsoom didn’t care for anything. She kept playing. The playing for so long, she got tired, fainted and fell on the floor. When she came back to normal, she didn’t remember anything.


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