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Beauty and the Brute pt13

Posted on: July 27, 2012

She saw herself lying, on her bed, when came to consciousness.

Her mother sat on her bedside, watching her, and waiting for her, to come to senses.  When Kulsoom was fully conscious, then her mother told her, “That when it took very long and you didn’t come down, from the roof, I called you many times. But, when, I failed to get back any reply, getting worried, I ran upwards to find out the reason.”  She further continued, “I was shocked to see you lying unconscious.  Thus called your sisters, Rafiqa and Sultana, and with their help brought you down.  Tell me what happened to you? I asked you so many times, not to play and bathe on the roof, especially in afternoons. But you damn care.”  Dadi then told her mother, all what she saw.

Few days passed smoothly. Nothing unusual happened. Everyone forgot that unpleasant incident.

Then, one day, Dadi started doing queer things, like vigorously moving her head.

She had very long, soft and silky hair that touched her knees. She had weaved them, into a long braid. But with constant moving of her head, her braid, swiftly opening covered her face.

Children got scared to see this, ran away from that room. Her younger sister, Rafiqa, couldn’t tolerate to see it either, so she left the room too. However her other sister, Sultana stayed there in the room with their mother. No male member was   present at home, that time. Even, if anyone was there, what could he do?

There seemed to be no break, so mother went near, and tried to take her in her arms, but….Dadi, pushed her away forcefully, and furiously said, “What the hell are you doing?  Can’t you see we have come here?”  It wasn’t Dadi’s voice. It was a male’s coarse voice. It was not Dadi’s voice only, that changed, but her face looked weird too, with her eyes red as blood and mouth wide open. All this was enough to scare her sister, Sultana too. She left the room, running. It was only Dadi’s (Kulsoom) mother in the room with her. “Why are you here? Leave the room at once, and don’t enter as long as we are here!”

Dadi’s mother called her by her name, “Kulsoom!”  Hearing her own name, Kulsoom; she turned around, and frowned at her mother.

Dadi broke into sweat to see her daughter. It was not, her. It was a horrible face.

Seeing Dadi’s mother frightened, Kulsoom laughed violently. “Old lady, go away, and leave us alone.”  Though Dadi’s mother was very scared, she didn’t leave the room. So Kulsoom wildly held her, by hair, pushing her so hard that poor lady fell on the ground.

Kulsoom was a dainty young girl.  Her mother, however, was large and stronger than her.   The way Kulsoom pushed her mother, with ease, was sufficient to realize the strength she had at that moment.

As her mother rose to her feet, to call her other daughters, Kulsoom closed the door behind her, without delay. Kulsoom’s mother and sisters knocked the door several times but….there was no sound, no noise, nothing….just, complete silence in the room!


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