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Beauty and the Brute pt 12

Posted on: July 26, 2012

He was fond of throwing parties, at home frequently. Sufis were invited for spiritual reunion. Qawwals enlightened the situation.  Spiritual healers met, to treat victims under magic influence. Then they all shared their experiences among themselves. Furqan, though small for all those activities, he, watched them eagerly. People with queer get up, like, wearing strange type of clothes, bracelets, rings with big stones, earrings, garlands, colored droplet necklaces, robes, anklets, wooden slippers, caps and head covers of different styles, all, delighted him with their unusual doings.  Furqan developed interest in them subconsciously.

Dada told many tales of jinns to Furqan.  Once, he told a true story of jinn, to Furqan. It was about his real grandmother. Before she was married to Furqan’s dada she was under the spell of jinn. It started, with her washing and splashing in water, on the roof, in summer.  Surprisingly, all of a sudden, her vision blurred. She felt very upset. But just after few minutes, her vision was clear, like, before. Then, after a short while, she saw countless pigeons fluttering, over her head. They were so many in number that the sun hid behind them. It became all dark.  This made her so terrified that she fainted. She saw herself lying, on her bed, when came to consciousness


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