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Beauty and the Brute pt 11

Posted on: July 23, 2012

He lived a contented life. His aim of life was to render service, to any one in need.

Being a happy go lucky person was equally popular and respected, among children and people of all ages. He knew number of stories, especially of jinns. So in every social gathering people gathered around him.

According to him, the house in Aligarh where he lived was haunted too.

Aligarh has extreme climate having, very cold winters and sizzling summers.

The open air, stars and moonlight, fascinated Furqan Mamu. Hence he liked to sleep on the roof, of the top floor, of his mansion in summers. He often felt as if, someone was with him, or following him. It happened especially, in moonlit nights. One night when he was lying in his bed, watching the bejeweled sky, with twinkling stars, he heard fluttering of a pigeon around at 2 p.m.

The other members of his family mostly stayed, on the second floor. Family used the ground floor only, in summers, or if guests came, otherwise it remained closed.

Mamu often saw a tall strong, white bearded man, dressed in white, sitting on his bedside in summer afternoons. Mamu used to wake up, suddenly from his nap, by, feeling his presence. The man always, raised his right arm high with his fingers twisted in a manner, as if to twist, someone else’s wrist. He was always seen in the same posture.  The weird man never uttered a single word. Seeing him, Mamu felt a chill creeping in his spine. He felt his mouth dry. He was speechless and very weak, when he was back to normal. Mamu always saw him while, he was dozy. The moment Mamu felt normal, he opened the window to breathe in fresh air.  However that strange being never hurt him.

Besides that strange being, Mamu saw many dwarfs, in his ground floor portion.

He saw them, with his open eyes. The dwarfs hid themselves, here and there, when saw Mamu. Mamu, thus, made it sure that when he went to the ground floor, he waited for some time, for the dwarfs to be at their ease before, unlocking the doors. The house was very old. It was built by Mamu’s grandfather. It was said, that when this house was built, there were no other houses, only fields.

There was only an old graveyard just a few yards away. Gradually, Rasalgunj was colonized. All fields turned into lively milieu except for the graveyard.

Graveyard is vital for the alive to rest there, till the Day of Judgment.

Mamu was more emotionally involved with his grandpa, than his father. His father, being a civil servant remained outstation most of the time. Whereas his grandpa remained home mostly, by, enjoying retired life. He was also fond of his grandchild, Furqan. Wherever Dada    went, little Furqan was sure to go, like Mary’s little lamb followed her. Dada taught recitation of Quran to him.

Dada served Railway, as guard. In those days, a guard was considered a very respectable person. He met hundreds of people, from different backgrounds, every day. He was sociable and responsive by nature.  Above and beyond he was curious to know the unknown, so, Dada made many friends. Most of his friends were spiritualists, clairvoyant and mind readers.



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