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Beauty and the Brute part 10

Posted on: July 21, 2012

He was sitting on the shank. Before Akbar could do anything, he, leaping straight on Akbar’s shoulder, jumped on the platform. Akbar barely balanced himself from falling. He sat on the floor for few moments to regain his judgment. It was so unexpected that they just looked at each other in confusion.  “What was it?” Akbar said puzzled rubbing his shoulder.

“It was nothing, but a tomcat Akbar.”  His cousin remarked in a mischievous tone. “Even though it’s a cat but trust me, I felt as if someone threw a sack of heavy load on me.” Akbar proclaimed. “Was it a cat, a dog, or a donkey Akbar? Was it really, so heavy?”  He gazed, with eyes bulging out of astonishment.  “Never saw such an unusual cat in my whole life.”

“Where has he disappeared?”  The cousin looked everywhere on the platform, but, he was nowhere to be seen. Closing the door of the compartment they went to share with Mamu in his cabin.

Mamu was lost in a utopia of his own, pretending to be looking out of his window. Hearing Akbar’s voice, he composed himself, to know the latest about the queer black tomcat. He asked smiling, “Have you set free the cat, Akbar?”

“Mamu, I doubt it’s a cat.” Akbar said in a scared tone. Looking direct in Akbar’s eyes Mamu asked watchfully, “Why say so? What happened?”

“Though he looks like a tomcat, but, he’s size of a huge dog and his weight was not less than a donkey’s. My shoulders still pain.” Akbar saying this narrated the whole story. “Hmm, come here, Akbar. Sit beside me.” Mamu smelling his shoulder removed his shirt, to check his shoulder. There was a small scar there, like a nail’s scratch.

“Akbar, a cat can’t be, so heavy.   As you couldn’t keep your balance, so you think like that.” Mamu tried to pacify Akbar’s fear; otherwise, he himself, was very upset.

Mamu didn’t want Akbar to be disturbed, as it was his wedding ceremony; they were all going to attend in Lahore. Mamu had, now, realized the character, of that black tomcat. Mamu was however, relieved that, the tomcat left, without harming anyone. Though the boys beat and played pranks with him in so many undesirable ways.

Furqan Mamu was nearly 62 years of age. But, he sustained his health, and build, with balanced diet and exercise. So having a presentable personality, he, did not look more than fifty. He had something charismatic, in his persona.  Ladies got easily charmed, by his refined and cultured manners.

He was called Mamu by one and all. Be it a child, male, female or even elderly people. He was a jolly good fellow. Never felt ill, being called Mamu. He was very kind and considerate.  He was also a practicing Muslim. Besides that, was also a spiritual healer?  But he never disclosed or boasted of this trait. He was an experienced, matured and poised man.  When, he was in Aligarh, India, he had an industrial plant of making locks and keys.  He tried to continue with his lock and key business, when moved to Pakistan. But due to lack of skilled workmen, he had to change his way of earning. Hence he opened a small cloth shop.  His honesty and sincerity brought him laurels. His business flourished. He got, from one small shop, to four big cloth shops in famous markets of Karachi.


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