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Beuaty and the Brute part 9

Posted on: July 20, 2012

The presence of jinn had already terrified ladies, and now the violent shrill of Rashida and a black tomcat had goaded the situation. Ladies started reciting holy verses and covered themselves in their comforters.

Hearing of the tomcat being there, the boys from their cabins came also. Akbar bent down to see the tomcat under the berth. It was there. Akbar saw his fiery eyes. Akbar picked a high heel sandal from the floor and threw at him. It hit his head. Howling, the cat slipped under the seat in front. “Where is he?” Akbar having the other sandal in his asked.  His black tail was visible from under the seat so Akbar hit it. The tomcat ran towards the boys’ compartment in anguish. There was a chaos in the cabin. Everyone was agitated. He kept going from seat to another. Hearing, “where is he, where is he?” and hustle and bustle, Furqan Mamu came out too. He was shocked to see every boy with a sandal or slipper in hand.

“What’s the show all about?” asked Mamu. “A tomcat has disturbed us all.”

“He keeps running to and fro when we hit him.”  “Don’t hit him!”

“As the train is running very fast, he can’t go out so better lock him in the toilet and shut the door.” Mamu suggested.

Appreciating Mamu’s idea, Akbar, using tactics, made the evil spirit go into the toilet, with the help of his cousins. As the cat went in, the door was locked from outside without delay.  Every one heaved a sigh of relief. Each person was briefed to, not to unlock the toilet door if they want to travel peacefully. There was one more toilet, besides that could be used.  Everyone agreed delightfully.

Boys decided to turn the cat out from the train when the train stops at the next station. Since the night was spent in hurly-burly so many stations passed by, but, not one of them got up to get rid of the monster. Everyone drained, was sunk in deep slumber, in their cozy comforters.


The night was departing gradually, with new sunrise, replacing it. Akbar woke up with the jolt of the stopping train, at a station.  The sun was spreading its rays generously, regardless of any prejudice. It was a bright sunny day. People liked the warmth of the sun after a spending chilly and restless night. Some got down, having sip of hot tea and breakfast.  Some were walking on the platform, to stimulate blood circulation and to relax their limbs. Others just watched aimlessly here and there. Young boys refreshed themselves, by flipping over pages of magazines, having pictures of sexy models at the book stall.

Akbar suddenly remembered that, the cat was to be released from the toilet, and set free. So, assuming that with opening of the door, the cat will swiftly, dash out…but…..! There was no cat there! The toilet was empty!

“Where has he gone? Where can he go?” Akbar said shockingly to his cousin. His cousin was just about to say something, when they heard the cat’s snarl.


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