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Beauty and the Brute part8

Posted on: July 16, 2012

The police staff in the train searched every compartment carefully to find that man with a skin pale like a lizard but failed to find him.

The train sped like a bullet and the chilliness grew horrendous with every passing moment.  All the doors were properly shut so anyone who enters or exits could easily be identified.

When thinking of the jinn in the train quite a few passengers had no effect of chilly night on them rather they broke into sweat. Sometimes the fear of undetected being is very frightful. Boys stopped playing cards. They enfolded their comforters around them tightly.

The train was to come up to a big railway junction in just half an hour.

It was 3. A.M

Rashida was younger sister of the groom. She was a charming girl of 22 or 23 years of age. She felt scared to go to the toilet alone so requested her mother to accompany her.

“Don’t be silly Rashida.  What is there to be scared of? People have invaded the depths of the ocean and reached moon and other planets but we are still apprehensive of sprits and jinns. Follow me. Your Mamu Furqan always creates ecstasy by telling such unrealistic stories.”

Her mother said.

Rashida’s mother opening the door of the toilet for her said, “Now go in.”

“Fine.  Please mom, stay here and don’t go until I come out of the toilet.” Saying this Rashid went inside. It was less than a jiffy she had gone in when a deafening shrill was heard. Rashida rushed out of the toilet as if she had seen some ghastly ghost. She was staggering. Her mother getting annoyed with her childish behavior asked her to get away from her and share what happened to her in the toilet.

Rashida was very afraid of a lizard. Wherever and whenever she saw a lizard she would scream and ran off track terrifying the others around her too.  Her mother always got annoyed her for being so stupid and immature. She said, “Rashida when will you grow up. Why are you so scared of these harmless little creatures? Just pick up a broom and kill it or ask someone to do it instead of making a fuss around.”

“Please don’t go inside mother.” Rashida holding her mother‘s hand who was trying to go inside and see for herself the cause of her fright said, “There’s a huge and perilous black tomcat there.”

“I didn’t see anything when opened the door.” Mother said.

“It was hiding behind the door mother.” Rashida said with her parched lips and big terrified eyes.

“So now even the innocent cats scare you too. If you want to go to toilet go in otherwise let me go before I get dangerous for you.” Mather told Rashida.

Rashida’s heart thumped when she recalled the site of that furious tomcat. She said, “Mother it’s a very horrifying cat. It growled at me so dreadfully that I can’t explain in words.”

Her mother was known to be a brave lady in the family. So to prove her brevity she again tried to open the door. But she had only touched the door when a cat’s furious noise was heard. There was something in that tone which shook her mother and she stepped back to let the cat go out.

For a moment it stared furiously at the mother with his red fiery eyes. He was oversize and as black as coal. Rashida’s mother instantly moved from there looking away from him. Rashida stood trembling behind her mother. The tomcat cast a treacherous final look at the mother coming out of the toilet.

While going out the tomcat pressed its body against Rashida’s legs with intent.  Rashida felt iron piece hit her legs. Rashida’s mother saw the cat enter the train so she asked Rashida to use toilet. But she was so alarmed that she asked her mother to stay near the toilet. Mother agreed to be there.

Rashida though went inside the toilet but did not fasten the door fearing the cat might not be there again.

She felt relieved to see her mother waiting outside when she came out.

“Let’s go mother,” she said with a forced smile.

They both sat wrapped in the same blanket.  Other blanket lay crumpled on the berth. When Rashida tried to pick it up, she screamed so madly that she was heard all over. She moved back in such a fanatical way that her mother could have fallen if didn’t hold the berth’s handle. The tomcat jumping on the floor crept below the berth.

“What happened?” Akbar the groom asked impatiently. He jumped down from his berth and came running from the men’s compartment.

There’s a tomcat. God knows from where he came. He was in the toilet. From there he sat in our blanket and now he’s sitting underneath the berth


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