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Beauty and the Brute part 6

Posted on: July 14, 2012

Masjid of jinns

Akbar asked Mamu, “Do jinns pray too Mamu?”

Mamu replied,” why not. Some jinns are Muslim.”

Akbar was curious to know more about jinns so he asked again, “Mamu you heard strange noises and sounds. Were those of jinns?”

End of part 1

Furqan Mamu replied that, “I am not really sure but I suppose the strange hums and buzzing must be their lingo. It seemed as if tape recording is played on fast track so makes inaudible screeching sounds.”

Interest in hearing strange stories of jinns enhanced so Furqan Mamu was requested to narrate another startling experience he had with jinns.

Furqan Mamu started again smiling at them, “it was when I was a university student. The university was a kilometer away from our home so we used to go walking.

We were a group of 4, 5 friends who came back home from the university. On the way we used to played tomfoolery, teased and passed funny comments like friends do.

There’s a milieu in Aligarh called Nai Basti. It has a masjid. The masjid had a basement.  Being inquisitive by nature I wished to go in the basement whenever we passed by that masjid.

One day whilst following a chameleon we got near the masjid. The chameleon disappeared in masjid’s ventilator. I stood there double minded, to go inside the basement or not when I saw my friend Sarwar coming out from the basement.

Sarwar called me and said, “Let’s go in the basement Furqan.”

Happily agreeing I followed him who was going down the stairs of the basement. It was midday. There was enough light on the first few stairs but as we went down the light rapidly diffused. I wanted to be with Sarwar being scared, but he went down so fast that I could hardly see him. As I got to the last foot step, I saw some strange kind of creatures. They were sitting in the slots. I heard someone saying, “Who’s that? He looks like a human being.”  “May be that—— brought him out of mischief.” Mamu said he forgot the name. Sarwar could be seen nowhere. Basement was totally dark. Mamu said he heard someone saying,

“Run away, your friends have already left.”

Frightened I came out of the basement as fast as I could. There was no friend of mine there. I ran at my top speed until I got home.

The next day in the university I complained to friends that why did they not wait for me outside the masjid. My friends told me that they waited very long but it was me who disappeared.

Seeing Sarwar there too I said to him, “you were with me. It was you only who guided me to the basement. Where did you disappear?”

Sarwar laughed at me and my remark. He said he was never there nor did he take me to the basement.

Sarwar be honest please.  “Weren’t you with me?  If it wasn’t you then who was he?” I asked.

Sarwar getting irritated said, “What rubbish you talk Furqan.”

Then I told them in detail what had happened with me. After hearing my story we all decided that from now on none of us will ever go near that masjid again.

“Actually jinns lived in the basement of that masjid. That day a child of the jinn disguised as Sarwar invited me to see the basement out of cheekiness.”

When Furqan Mamu finished his stories, silence engulfed the whole scenario.

Only the heart beats throbbed or the train’s rumbling.

It is commonly believed that when jinns are discussed anywhere, there’s always a jinn present. It was true. The jinn were in the next compartment.

The ticket checker was checking every one’s ticket. He came near that strong tall man who was sitting on the floor fully covered in his blanket.

The ticket checker said to him, “Show me your ticket.”

The man sat quietly with his head bowed down. He didn’t show his ticket nor gave any response to the checker. Then the ticket checker shook his shoulder and said again, ‘your ticket.”

The man gave blank look to the checker but didn’t utter a single word. The ticket checker rudely said to him, “what are you looking at? Show me your ticket.”

“Ticket!” the man said innocently.

“Yes the ticket. Have you never seen a ticket before?”  The checker said.

The man said innocently again, “You are right. What is a ticket? I have never seen a ticket.  Show me please. Let me see how it looks.”

The ticket checker was amazed and angry at the same time. He asked a passenger sitting close to him to show his ticket to that simpleton.

The passenger put his hand in his pocket to take out his ticket but, surprisingly it was not there. He looked in all his pockets but no use. It wasn’t there. The ticket checker asked every passenger for the ticket. But everyone failed to find it. Although all passengers had their tickets already checked.

Ticket checker had some tickets in his pocket so he searched all his pockets but couldn’t find one. The ticket checker felt embarrassed. He had never been in such an awkward situation before. His forehead was full of sweat, though it was December and icy cold.

That strange man lifting up his face said to the checker. “Sir, you haven’t shown me any ticket.”

His face was pale like a lizard’s. The checker turned his face away. He felt somewhat nervous and frightened.


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