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Beauty and the Brute (continued)

Posted on: July 12, 2012

So the next morning at dawn, after hearing the coming sound of the drumbeat I came down, unlatching the door waited to join my group of friends. I was standing behind the door with a plan that when my friends come near I will frighten them. As they came near, I flung on them. The sounds vanished suddenly. I only heard screeching sounds. It was pitch dark so   thought my friends are trying to scare me. It was awkward situation. When I tried to touch any one of them I just failed to do so. Then I heard a strange voice saying, we are not them. Your friends are following and will be here soon.”

Hearing him I realized that those were not my friends but the same group of beggars. After a short while I heard their drum beats again in the next lane so I thought they were my friends not beggars and made fool of me. So I ran towards them but as I reached near they stopped again. I got real furious at their behavior. Angrily I said to my Qaiser, “why are you playing pranks with me. Why don’t you take me with you all?”

I heard him say, “Well you won’t understand. So come with us.” He again ordered someone to pick me up. Two boys held me up by my shoulders and started running. I felt myself gliding in the air. They dropping me a little further from my home and vanished.  The masjid was near so I went there thinking they might have gone there. It was a small masjid. Hardly 40 to 50 people could offer namaz there. There was not a single soul there. I saw Molvi Mukhtar coming towards me. He looked heated. Before I could ask him anything he asked   decisively to go home, as they were praying.

Frightened and tired I went home and slept. Next morning when Qaiser came to my home I shared the incidence with him. Qaiser was surprised to hear all. He said they didn’t go today anywhere as Hameed kept sleeping and Rashid was indisposed.

We went to Rashid’s home to find out the truth. Hameed confirmed too that they didn’t wake up any one today. It was something shocking for me.

After coming back from school and having lunch I went to offer afternoon prayer in the same masjid where I went in the morning. There I saw another man instead of Molvi Mukhtar. So I asked for Molvi Mukhtar but told that he was not well. This was another shock. I saw him in the morning myself. He asked me to go home. But the man didn’t believe me either. He doubted that how could I see Molvi Mukhtar when he was resting home and not well. I was baffled, didn’t know what to say. If he was not Molvi Mukhtar in the morning then why did he say they were praying? Who was praying?

When Furqan Mamu stopped for a while then every one of us wanted to know, if those were not they boys then who were they? Who was praying?

Furqan Mamu reading the queries in our eyes replied.” They were jinns.”

It means the person you saw as Molvi Mukhtar was a jinn too? I asked.

Wrapping the blanket around him Furqan Mamu said again,” yes.”

Akbar asked Mamu, “Do jinns pray too Mamu?”

Mamu replied,” why not. Some jinns are Muslim.”

Akbar was curious to know more about jinns so he asked again, “Mamu you heard strange noises and sounds. Were those of jinns?”


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