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Beauty and the Brute— continue

Posted on: July 10, 2012

The compartment next to the one the tomcat sat in was reserved for a group of people going to Lahore for a wedding ceremony.  Number of passengers tried to get into that compartment but they none was not allowed as it was reserved for that group only.

The people in that bogie enjoyed with their group of friends. Each group took pleasure in chatting, singing and playing indoor games. It was decided that no one will sleep that night. And whoever tried to sleep was compelled to be awake and enjoy the company and party. Girls played the drums   so the drum beats didn’t let anyone sleep peacefully. They were having great fun together. A boy was on duty to check if anyone was sleeping and report. The elder and aged members like bride groom’s uncles and aunts were in a separate section of that compartment. Tales and true stories and personal experiences were shared among them. One of them suggested sharing any mind-boggling experience with any mystic being or jinn.

Furqan Mamu was the first to share not one only, but two genuine incidents.  He said he is the eye witness of those events.

Akbar the groom overheard their talk. He was very fond of such stories. So when he heard that elders were sharing stories of jinns he quitting the young world joined with elders.

He asked Furqan Mamu, “Mamu have you seen jinns?” Furqan Mamu told Akbar that he has not seen them but heard their voices too.

Furqan Mamu started, “I was in Aligarh and was about fourteen years of age. There was a pious and headstrong old man named Sufi Amjad Hussein in our locality. He used to wake up people for morning prayers. He knocked every door with his staff calling the owner by his name loudly asking him to wake up. He didn’t move forward unless someone answered back to him that they are all awake.”

He was well aware of those who prayed regularly. Those who were not practicing Muslims got irritated but out of respect didn’t mind and covering their heads inside their quilts slept again. . Sufi Amjad Hussein everyday faced trouble in waking up Dr.Tariq for Dr. Tariq loved sleeping where ever and whenever he got a chance to sleep. He could easily go to sleep while sitting, while checking the pulse rate of his patients. Patient thought that doctor is too concerned about his health. He didn’t realize that Dr.Tariq felt snoozing. It was only known when his hands dropped from the patient’s pulse and when he started snoring. His snoring echoed in the street.

Besides Sufi Amjad Hussein there was another party who carried out the same duty of waking up people for the Morning Prayer. They came much earlier than Sufi. They sang on the drum beat and passed. Their words were muffled. Nobody knew them nor recognized them.  They were considered to be homeless persons.

Furqan Mamu continued, “I was a student of class 8th or ninth then. One day we the teenage boys, decided to get up early and wake up people of our area for the Morning Prayer. We couldn’t find a drum so decided to sing and beat empty container for the same purpose.


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