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Beauty and the Brute continued

Posted on: July 8, 2012

“There I saw something!”

He had hardly stepped on the last footstep when he heard a cat’s mew. Ahmed was taken aback to hear the cat’s sound in that chilly night where no living creature breathed. But he had no time to give a thought to that inane creepy cat, so glancing casually and flashing his torch light on the tomcat he headed for the driver. He was only concerned and alarmed of the train being stopped at that place and at that point.

As soon as the guard left, the eerie tomcat flung into the Guard’s room. Though Ashraf Ahmed was not cowardice, moving forward he did feel something icy creeping in his spine. He turned back and flashed his torch at the point where he saw the tomcat, but there was nothing picky he could see.

Ashraf told Sadiq to start the journey again as he has already wasted 10 minutes. He must try to reach the destination on time otherwise he will have his share of music. Both of them boarded the train in their respective rooms. Sadiq felt stupid and angry for what he experienced. He couldn’t understand that what he saw was just an illusion or realism.

On the other hand the passengers were equally curious to know the reason of this redundant stoppage of the train. Some popped out their necks from their windows to see the reason. But it was dark and foggy so none could comprehend.

Some thought burglars broke into the train. Loads of rumors spread among the passengers. One of the passengers who were looking out of the window saw Sadiq Hussein with a torch so thinking it was the guard asked him, “What’s wrong Sir?” Why is the train not moving? Aren’t we getting late? I have to appear for an interview early morning tomorrow. Moreover we can’t see any station close by or any reason of this halt.”  Sadiq Hussein was already troubled so he in a firm and sternly voice asked the passenger to better shut his window. The passenger felt something weird in his tone so instantly he closed his window.

Within no time Sadiq Hussein got on board and accelerating the speed of the train covered time he lost. At last he was able to reach station on exact time.

The moment the train came to a halt, Ashraf Ahmed got down the train shivering with freezing cold. The train stopped there for ten minutes.  Ashraf was desperately in need of a hot cup of tea. So he hurried towards the tea stall.

After Ashraf got down the train, the tomcat also jumped.  But the tomcat did not land on the platform. He vanished.  Nonetheless a tall strong sturdy man wrapped in a blanket was seen walking on the platform.

Some of the passengers also went to tea stall to kill the chill. Some opted for peanuts and chips etc.  That strange man looked aimlessly here and there. He saw a compartment which was open. He got into it. It seemed as if    he was looking for that particular compartment.  He looked around then he sat on the floor with his face hidden in the blanket. However some part of his face and nose was visible. He seemed to a labor from his appearance so no passenger took any notice of him.


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