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Brown girl in the ring!

Posted on: April 26, 2012

Afterall I found Hina’s picture. Its a true story. I was giving her prize for dancing on the song—brown girl in the ring


Hina Sabir was a charming, cheerful and stylish girl of 14 with pleasing manners. She was so caring and loving that every one small or big was attracted towards her.

Hina’s family returned from France and resided adjacent to our home. The family consisted of husband wife, their 2 daughters and one son. The wife was very pretty elegant and modest lady. What surprised me was the dark complexion and skinny structure of her daughter Hina.

My daughter and Hina became good friends very soon. They played together, but Hina used to get lethargic and weary in just no time.

When we became friendly and could share freely so I asked the reason of my query.

It was shocking and depressing to know that Hina was a blood cancer patient.  Being very well off the parents took Hina for treatment to France but the treatment of blood cancer was same as in Pakistan or any other country so they came back.

She bravely faced her illness without any complains. She studied; she played and enjoyed her life like all other children of her age. Hina was usually called brown girl all around in the vicinity after presenting a beautiful dance on the song; Brown girl in the ring – sha lala la———- in her school’s annual function. Her steps and movements were like a perfectionist dancer.

To see her dance was awe-inspiring. Hina was every one’s baby.

One other year of Hina’s medication and illness passed silently. Her condition was deteriorating speedily.

I went to attend conferences abroad for about a month or so. On my return I got heartbreaking news. My daughter told me in a dishearten tone with tears in her eyes that Hina is no more.   She also said that Hina’s death was not a usual one.

It was sacred and fasting month of Ramadan.  Few days before Eid Hina’s condition worsened so she was hospitalized. Unfortunately she couldn’t survive and passed away.

After completing hospital formalities her father, Mr.Sabir brought Hina’s body home.

Hina’s mother was so deeply disheartened that she couldn’t manage her self.  Every one present there   tried to calm down her but the grief was beyond her endurance. The environment was very depressing. Some ladies recited holy verses from Quran. Some passed comments on Hina’s illness or death.  Her mother caressed Hina’s hair and face weeping continuously.

All of a sudden Hina’s body stimulated with a shudder. It was something unbelievable to the people present there. The doctor was called immediately. After check up the doctor was surprised to see Hina was alive. It was startling for one and all.   The miracle had happened.

Hina called her mother and spoke in very feeble voice: “Don’t cry please! Invite all relatives on Eid day. I have to say something.”

Everything was done according to Hina’s wish.

The day came. Every one Hina asked came on time. Every one was anxious and restless to know what was to come next. Some came to hear what Hina had to say. Some came out of curiosity. Hina lay weak and frail on her bed. There was pin drop silence in the room. Every ear waited impatiently for Hina to speak.

Hina asked her mother to sit beside her. Taking mother’s hand in hers Hina said: “I had died. But I could hear my mother weep so resentfully that I begged almighty to grant me few days more to console my mother. Believe me two angels forcefully pulling my soul on my resistance. With all my strength I fell on my dead body.  My shoulders still ache of their strong grip. I couldn’t speak but could hear every word and comments by each one of you when I lay dead.  I have been granted just few days to live. I request you all specially my mother to please do not cry when I die again. I have to go.” Every one in the room was flabbergasted.

Every word Hina said came true. She passed away peacefully after a week.

I had pictures of Hina but I searched every where but failed to find any. I tried to contact her parents but failed too.

Though it sounds unbelievable but there are many people who are eyewitness to this true story.

This is a real and true story.




13 Responses to "Brown girl in the ring!"

i am shivering.what a miracle?well written.


you are right Sabiha. i will write another true story like this in few days


Subhan Allah ,
Beshak zindagi maut Allah hi k hath main hay.
Allah unhain Jannat ul firdos main ala muqam ata farmay.


Allah ‘o Akbar !!
shocked to read this. please do share some more true stories like this.
Still in the thoughts of that time …


Yes it was very sad story ! It left me with wet eyes ! Thanks for sharing.


sad but with a lesson that we should not cry so much as the dead get hurt and helpless to reply that’s why crying loudly is not encouraged


What a miracle, thats something extra ordinary… and very well written ma’am…. The story has so much in it and I think we should learn those things from it…


Subhan Allah ……allah can do all things!


nothing is impossible for ALLAH…..I have also read a similar thing before but that was in Christianity.


Heart-touching in terms of articulation and portrayal of a pious and courageous soul and other related matters…
The piece titled ‘Brown girl in the ring’ has a symbolic view as well…


Thank a million Zaib sahib for such a kind comment and encouragement. Hina was a very sweet pious little angel indeed. thank you again


Dear Tanveer, This is a beautiful testament to Soul’s true nature. Thank you for guiding me to read this excellent story !


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