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Posted on: April 25, 2012

Media Minds Training Academy

Professional Media Training With Onboard



Theory & Practical are two different areas that need a combination.

To be familiar with anything some material to see, read, and comprehend is but required. It is called theory. Theory without practical is just reading about how to swim and never practice swimming. The result would certainly be drastic if not drowning.

Current Media is totally different, from what that they read and learnt in Books. They spend years & years understanding that world.

Main difficulty students come across in media is; they feel likeAlicein wonderland, when they join any media organization.

Unfortunately until October 2010, there was no such academy or institute that guided people towards MEDIA INDUSTERY.

A group of Media Experts decided to train students & make their path easy.

Hence Media Minds is the first training academy that is working in media industry since October 2010, with the real expertise that media requires.

Media Minds believes inSuccessONTIME. So they slash that time limit & guide you to the point about what Media exactly needs.

Media Organizations need not only qualified but also trained people. Thus Media Minds trains students as professionally as media people do work in field.

Professional Equipments is the main source of Media Minds’ success. Media Minds is not only the main source of professional training for Mass Communication students, but also welcomes the people who are working in other fields & wish to join MEDIA. After completion of training, Media Minds works a step ahead & keeps in contact with TV Channels/FM Radios & other media organizations to refer these trained students.

The Best part of this academy is Fee Structure. Students of every class can afford Media Minds highly professional Media Training. That’s why Media Minds slogan is

We make you professional!


Registration is open for all those interested.

It’s the best opportunity to avail and get proficiency in Media world.

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