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If fragrance, may just not pat body and pass by

Unless it penetrates profoundly into my being;

Flower itself split its opening partially

Colors’ thieving may not accuse butterfly;

Its ready to accompany fearing, may not lose,

Fear to lose me, this girl may not die of grief;

Wipe down her eye lashes with my veil,

Today’s dust may not track tomorrow’s ride;

By whom should I send today’s supplication?

Messenger, wind, and star nobody go to her home


Khushbuu hai vo to chhuu ke badan ko guzar na jaaye

Khushbuu hai vo to chhuu ke badan ko guzar na jaaye
jab tak mere vajuud ke andar utar na jaaye
Khud phuul ne bhii ho.nTh kiye apane niim-vaa
chorii tamaam rang kii titalii ke sar na jaaye
[niim-vaa = half open; tamaam = whole/entire]
is Khauf se vo saath nibhaane ke haq me.n hai
khokar mujhe ye la.Dakii kahii.n dukh se mar na jaaye
palko.n ko us kii apane dupaTTe se po.Nch duu.N
kal ke safar me.n aaj kii gard-e-safar na jaai
mai.n kis ke haath bhejuu.N use aaj kii duaa
qaasid havaa sitaaraa ko_ii us ke ghar na jaaye

Parveen Shakir

By lovely moments coming, restraint will perish

We both will reunite and detachment will perish;

String of all the time flowing tears will tear too

Thy and mine vim will liberate from this eerie tie;

But entire sagas are only for reassuring own heart,

 In nights of grief die little by little ebb aching heart,

                               Smiling, moaning, weeping, curbing and singing;

Dream of harmony is weird and will remain weird

 On static arena, the lover will narrate the love story

 Gradually life whole will wash down through eyes;


pyaare lamhe aaye.Nge aur majabuurii miT jaayegii 

pyaare lamhe aaye.Nge aur majabuurii miT jaayegii
ham dono.n mil jaaye.nge aur sab duurii miT jaayegii
har dam bahane vaalii aa.Nkho.n kii maalaa bhii TuuTegii
teri merii hastii is bairii ba.ndhan se chhuTegii

lekin ye sab baate.n hai.n apane jii ke bahalaane kii
dukh kii raat me.n dhiire dhiire dil kaa dard miTaane kii
rote rote ha.Nsate ha.Nsate rukate rukate gaane kii

sukh kaa sapanaa suukhaa hai aur suukhaa hii rah jaayegaa
suunii sej pe prem kahaanii premii yuu.N kah jaayegaa
hote hote saaraa jiivan aa.Nkho.n se bah jaayegaa

Town to town roamed traveler forgot way home

What’s yours what’s mine, forgot mine and thine;

Whence realized mine story is world’s legend

Gladly spent life, forgot grievance and moaning;

 A ray peeped through the darkness feeling shy

Remember the glance, forgot how the face was;

In fun-loving, pleasing, playfully meditatively

Color faded; heart finally forgot wound’s leak;

One glances, one moment of breaths’ string now

When a glance of spirit dies, hard to live a instant;

Who ever to notice, has alike norm in heart,

We remember all; however the era forgot us;

           Some one may say, who said it, what’s in bosom speak,

                                  Said MIRAJI, later regretted, and then forget to speak;



nagarii nagarii phiraa musaafir ghar kaa rastaa bhuul gayaa
kyaa hai teraa kyaa hai meraa apanaa paraayaa bhuul gayaa

apanii biitii jag biitii hai jab se dil ne jaan liyaa
ha.Nsate ha.Nsate jiivan biitaa ronaa dhonaa bhuul gayaa

a.Ndhyaare se ek kiran ne jhaa.Nk ke dekhaa sharmaa_ii
dhu.Ndh sii chhab to yaad rahii kaisaa thaa cheharaa bhuul gayaa

ha.Nsii ha.NSii me.n khel khel me.n baat kii baat me.n rang gayaa
dil bhii hote hote aaKhir ghaav kaa risanaa bhuul gayaa

ek nazar kii ek hii pal kii baat hai Dorii saa.Nso.n kii
ek nazar kaa nuur miTaa jab ek pal biitaa bhuul gayaa

jis ko dekho us ke dil me.n shiavaa hai to itanaa hai
hame.n to sab kuchh yaad rahaa par ham ko zamaanaa bhuul gayaa

ko_ii kahe ye kis ne kahaa thaa kah do jo kuchh jii me.n hai
“Miraji” kah kar pachhataayaa aur phir kahanaa bhuul gayaa

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