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In this city of ——-!

Posted on: March 12, 2012

In this city of murk, gloomy beings are 
Alive; is immense achievement dear ones;

This luminous moon and celestial stars,
 Burning bright eternally owing to spots;

Wish any flower glance fondly is my urge, 
 Its yearning any flower to call me fondly;

Each morning shed dewdrops on my morning
 Each night the stars giggled at my night;

I have some more errands to do my dear
How long can one please and pamper----!

 Tanveer Rauf

is shahar-e-Kharaabii me.n Gam-e-ishq ke marare

is shahar-e-Kharaabii me.n Gam-e-ishq ke maare
zindaa hai.n yahii baat ba.Dii baat hai pyaare
ye ha.Nsataa huaa chaa.Nd ye pur_nuur sitaare
taabindaa-o-paa_indaa hai.n zarro.n ke sahaare 
[taabindaa-o-paa_indaa = burning bright and eternally]
hasarat hai ko_ii Gunchaa hame.n pyaar se dekhe
aramaa.N hai ko_ii phuul hame.n dil se pukaare
har subah merii subah pe rotii rahii shabanam
har raat merii raat pe ha.Nsate rahe taare
kuchh aur bhii hai.n kaam hame.n ai Gam-e-jaanaa.N
kab tak ko_ii ulajhii hu_ii zulfo.n ko sa.Nvaare
 Habib Jalib


4 Responses to "In this city of ——-!"

Habib jalib is a people’s poet , his gloom and happiness is of a common man , his imagery is of an innocent man whose days and nights are spend in making both ends meet , Selection of this piece of poetry is an excellent choice done by Mrs RAuf , wonderfully done work of mrs rauf , as is her special endeavor . love u for this


speechless to say thank you. your generosity is admirable dear friend


Habib jalib poetry is truthfully feelings of a common man , well done Mrs Rauf for selecting the best work of him for translation


please accept my gratitude Shaista:)


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