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The night would be fragrant of familiar odor,

The same odor would’ve come from thy attire; 

Seeing mirror, a little would hark back

A sigh on silent lips might have played;  

All shades of thy veil have autumn colors

Dusk of flaking flora was in search of thee; 

Thou, who see far-off, of the seashore,

Heart’s vessel would have sunk nearby; 

Love was the center of thy dreams and eyes,  

  The esteem of love would have broken markedly


Shaista Mufti’s work translated by Tanveer Rauf


Before  creating Adam, Allah adorned the Earth with mountains, forests, fragrance, flora and fauna of all colors and shades, rainbow, rivers, oceans, clouds, ,rains, snow, cool breeze, pastures, meadows, fruits, vegetation,  birds, animals of all sizes,  plant life, grains and what not—- The sky to shimmer at night with stars and moon. The sea world was beautified with fishes of different colors and sizes along with sea undergrowth shrubbery which provide food too——just to please Adam! It was Allah’s love for His creation. God is love and love is God!

Eve was born from Adam to give company to him. But when Adam and Eve misguided by Satan were penalized and descended from heavens to Earth. All this was done out of love because Allah wanted to have more living beings so the couple gave birth to children on daily basis.  All hats off to mother Eve who bore labor pains everyday, just to bring new life to this earth.

Love knows no boundaries.  It has no color no shape no land no sex. It’s like a small lamp that illuminates the pitch darkness.

Love enhances blood circulation. It boosts energy. It brings twinkling in eyes. It brings life to the world when a baby is born. Bearing undaunted labor pains is nothing but love for a baby.

Love is universe and infinity. No one knows the deepness and intensity of it. Like galaxy, uncountable bright stars enlightening the world, so does love enlightens the heart. A tap on the shoulder pacifies the pain like;

I  shed a tear, unseen, unheard;

You saw it, you felt it,                                 

You held it,

And there was not a tear at all!

My mother was a symbol of love. She went through torturous labor pains to give birth to fourteen children one after the other. Out of fourteen 12 of her children died for one or the other reason. Every time she hoped that her next child will survive.

Wasn’t it love?

My mother was very kind hearted. She could not see any one in pain. She would take care of ailing birds, animals and human beings alike without any discrimination.

We had a pair   of dogs.  Their names were Shaky and Lobo.  Shaky was shot by a sniper. Wounded and profusely bleeding Shaky limping came to my mother for help. But my mother being old and a cancer patient was bed ridden. She couldn’t get up or do any thing herself. Unfortunately no one was home at time. Shaky died under my   mother’s bed. Lobo shed tears so did my mother with them. Shaky was buried in the backyard. Lobo couldn’t bear the loss of its mate. She got very ill and died too.

Once a sick robin fell down from the tree and broke its leg.  My mother fed her and took great care of her. That robin often came to pay her gratitude to my mother. It was mutual understanding between the two. When mother got ill and was bedridden that robin visited her everyday without fail. It sat on the window sill for some time and flew away.  The robin was never seen again when my mother passed away.

It was her silent love for my mother.

My mother was a symbol of love. May her soul rest in the best place in heaven and Allah be showering His blessings upon her.  Amen

To be lost in the ocean of chances

To neglect all for your soggy eyes;


Sometimes go and share with stars

About heart’s feelings or flowers,

Either squander day silently or

Be asleep in a meaningless way;


At times shed tears, at times veil them,

I evoke all, being lost on the way at dusk



Life was at its best long before

Like memory of faithless links,

Lilies bloomed in the sunshine

Like the lovely face of beloved;


Life danced jovially all through

Were friendly with world around,

Where lamps of desires light up

Was the entertaining ambiance?


In the bowl of universe, my dear

We were the ambassador of change,

There’s not any everlasting shelter

We surrendered before body and soul;


We all are in debt of smiling

Every soul has to pay this debt;

Have to collect pieces ourselves

Have to be swindled all through;


I wish to share with you about

Signs of dreams, have strewn,

In the ocean of feelings, are

Crucifixes put on the streets;


We have to pay our gratitude,

Have to carry the yoke of life;


Shaista Mufti








I buried another tear of my life today

The tear evident of your absence;

Will lug its corpse until I am unknown

And that dream, you perceived with

Flying winds; will remain awake

In my eyes, until I finally sleep;

Death is a fact of life, which is

The truth of our flawed belief;

You wrote canto of death in tacit lexis

Thus bestowed subsistence to the death

And surrendered your own life;

I will seek my mire in thy mud

Of life,

Till the moment when I turn

To mud!


By Faheem Josie in memory of Ahmed Shamim

Translated by Tanveer Rauf 


What’s life–except for radiance?

What’s light—- just happiness?


This bliss dances on every leaf

In shadows of the valleys,

Hugging clouds’ boundaries    

Flutters over milieu of peace;


It’s tickling in my heart now

                                       It’s the orange flaming ray;

Where radiance glow in eyes

There reunion is lovely joy;


Don’t be ashamed of yourself

This joy will enthrall you too

However murky may night be?

Night will be redundant at last


Life, in yearn for delight

Will rise with new fervor

Flouting barriers of tyranny

Will rise with a new dawn;


Life; in the way joy emerged

To give in its entire verve

In aspiration of its radiance

To prevail over darkness;


So what if we didn’t have dawn

Will leave behind us an aspiration;

For the way of upcoming winds

Will light the lamp of awareness!



Composed by Shaista Mufti

Translated by Tanveer Rauf

















If fragrance, may just not pat body and pass by

Unless it penetrates profoundly into my being;

Flower itself split its opening partially

Colors’ thieving may not accuse butterfly;

Its ready to accompany fearing, may not lose,

Fear to lose me, this girl may not die of grief;

Wipe down her eye lashes with my veil,

Today’s dust may not track tomorrow’s ride;

By whom should I send today’s supplication?

Messenger, wind, and star nobody go to her home


Khushbuu hai vo to chhuu ke badan ko guzar na jaaye

Khushbuu hai vo to chhuu ke badan ko guzar na jaaye
jab tak mere vajuud ke andar utar na jaaye
Khud phuul ne bhii ho.nTh kiye apane niim-vaa
chorii tamaam rang kii titalii ke sar na jaaye
[niim-vaa = half open; tamaam = whole/entire]
is Khauf se vo saath nibhaane ke haq me.n hai
khokar mujhe ye la.Dakii kahii.n dukh se mar na jaaye
palko.n ko us kii apane dupaTTe se po.Nch duu.N
kal ke safar me.n aaj kii gard-e-safar na jaai
mai.n kis ke haath bhejuu.N use aaj kii duaa
qaasid havaa sitaaraa ko_ii us ke ghar na jaaye

Parveen Shakir

By lovely moments coming, restraint will perish

We both will reunite and detachment will perish;

String of all the time flowing tears will tear too

Thy and mine vim will liberate from this eerie tie;

But entire sagas are only for reassuring own heart,

 In nights of grief die little by little ebb aching heart,

                               Smiling, moaning, weeping, curbing and singing;

Dream of harmony is weird and will remain weird

 On static arena, the lover will narrate the love story

 Gradually life whole will wash down through eyes;


pyaare lamhe aaye.Nge aur majabuurii miT jaayegii 

pyaare lamhe aaye.Nge aur majabuurii miT jaayegii
ham dono.n mil jaaye.nge aur sab duurii miT jaayegii
har dam bahane vaalii aa.Nkho.n kii maalaa bhii TuuTegii
teri merii hastii is bairii ba.ndhan se chhuTegii

lekin ye sab baate.n hai.n apane jii ke bahalaane kii
dukh kii raat me.n dhiire dhiire dil kaa dard miTaane kii
rote rote ha.Nsate ha.Nsate rukate rukate gaane kii

sukh kaa sapanaa suukhaa hai aur suukhaa hii rah jaayegaa
suunii sej pe prem kahaanii premii yuu.N kah jaayegaa
hote hote saaraa jiivan aa.Nkho.n se bah jaayegaa

Town to town roamed traveler forgot way home

What’s yours what’s mine, forgot mine and thine;

Whence realized mine story is world’s legend

Gladly spent life, forgot grievance and moaning;

 A ray peeped through the darkness feeling shy

Remember the glance, forgot how the face was;

In fun-loving, pleasing, playfully meditatively

Color faded; heart finally forgot wound’s leak;

One glances, one moment of breaths’ string now

When a glance of spirit dies, hard to live a instant;

Who ever to notice, has alike norm in heart,

We remember all; however the era forgot us;

           Some one may say, who said it, what’s in bosom speak,

                                  Said MIRAJI, later regretted, and then forget to speak;



nagarii nagarii phiraa musaafir ghar kaa rastaa bhuul gayaa
kyaa hai teraa kyaa hai meraa apanaa paraayaa bhuul gayaa

apanii biitii jag biitii hai jab se dil ne jaan liyaa
ha.Nsate ha.Nsate jiivan biitaa ronaa dhonaa bhuul gayaa

a.Ndhyaare se ek kiran ne jhaa.Nk ke dekhaa sharmaa_ii
dhu.Ndh sii chhab to yaad rahii kaisaa thaa cheharaa bhuul gayaa

ha.Nsii ha.NSii me.n khel khel me.n baat kii baat me.n rang gayaa
dil bhii hote hote aaKhir ghaav kaa risanaa bhuul gayaa

ek nazar kii ek hii pal kii baat hai Dorii saa.Nso.n kii
ek nazar kaa nuur miTaa jab ek pal biitaa bhuul gayaa

jis ko dekho us ke dil me.n shiavaa hai to itanaa hai
hame.n to sab kuchh yaad rahaa par ham ko zamaanaa bhuul gayaa

ko_ii kahe ye kis ne kahaa thaa kah do jo kuchh jii me.n hai
“Miraji” kah kar pachhataayaa aur phir kahanaa bhuul gayaa

In this city of murk, gloomy beings are 
Alive; is immense achievement dear ones;

This luminous moon and celestial stars,
 Burning bright eternally owing to spots;

Wish any flower glance fondly is my urge, 
 Its yearning any flower to call me fondly;

Each morning shed dewdrops on my morning
 Each night the stars giggled at my night;

I have some more errands to do my dear
How long can one please and pamper----!

 Tanveer Rauf

is shahar-e-Kharaabii me.n Gam-e-ishq ke marare

is shahar-e-Kharaabii me.n Gam-e-ishq ke maare
zindaa hai.n yahii baat ba.Dii baat hai pyaare
ye ha.Nsataa huaa chaa.Nd ye pur_nuur sitaare
taabindaa-o-paa_indaa hai.n zarro.n ke sahaare 
[taabindaa-o-paa_indaa = burning bright and eternally]
hasarat hai ko_ii Gunchaa hame.n pyaar se dekhe
aramaa.N hai ko_ii phuul hame.n dil se pukaare
har subah merii subah pe rotii rahii shabanam
har raat merii raat pe ha.Nsate rahe taare
kuchh aur bhii hai.n kaam hame.n ai Gam-e-jaanaa.N
kab tak ko_ii ulajhii hu_ii zulfo.n ko sa.Nvaare
 Habib Jalib


It was 1998 June.   Schools were to close for two months for Summer Break. Ali Bahadur and Saleem Jatoi having good reputation in arranging tours planned a trip to beautiful and picturesque northern areas of Pakistan . Tired out minds needed some recreation so interested teachers joyfully agreed.  Students showed their excitement and willingness too when they came to know about the program.

To take students with us needed approval of higher management which seemed intricate. Fortunately Hakim sahib visited the school that day so I availed the opportunity hence asked permission from him. He agreed on condition that if I am going then only he will allow. So the news spread like rumor. The joyfulness among students was like winning the world cup J

I invited parents of interested students to my home to get their written permission and also to share the likes and dislikes of their child. Any special instruction or anything they would liked to share about their child. So it was all settled contentedly.

We were all together 40 people including teachers, students and one support staff, Imam Bux. The students were Nazeer, Muneeb, Ali Asghar, Ayaz, Sair, Zahid, Shuja, Ali Mughal, Omair Naveed, Saadat Ali Shah, Baber and Umair.  I am extremely sorry to admit that some names of students I  fail to recall who were with us in that trip. (I request all those whose names are missing to please remind me so I can add them)

Among teachers were, Sabiha Qaiser, Aijaz Fatima, Lubna Punjwani, Amber, Farzana Hussain, Ali Bahadur, Saleem Jatoi, Shabnam, Sadia, Fauzia Khan, Saba Masroor, myself, my son Yasir Ali and daughter Nadia Rauf.

We started off in second week of June by train. One whole bogie of first class was reserved for us. First destination was Lahore . The sizzling heat of June welcomed us as we stepped down the train at Lahore railway station. Ali Bahadur n Saleem Jatoi had already booked rooms for us in Youth Hostel. But humidity and scorching heat was unbearable so that very day we head off for Islamabad ’s youth hostel.

It was very hot there too but not as bad as Lahore . We stayed there for few days. Teachers helped Imam Bux in cooking. We had taken ration and other necessities from Karachi . Which saved time and money in searching or bargaining.

I was very responsible through out the trip by doing nothing looking very busy J

From there we went to Murree and stayed there for few days in already arranged rooms.

Children were very happy so were we. Fresh cool breeze and clouds full of moisture when caressed our faces, the souls relaxed!

Every night very dutifully I used to go from one room to the other room to see if children were comfortable. And every time I forgot whose slippers I was wearing so wore some one else’s slippers unintentionally going to other room. Children followed me where ever I went like lambs followed Mary J to find their slippersJ. While I being carefree as ever, believed in the famous great boxer Muhammad Ali’s song: “Catch me if you can—-J”

I was deployed by teachers, to scold children if they played pranks or didn’t like to eat what was cooked. So Muneeb gave me the title of Sadar Tarar, the then president of Pakistan . He would announce when all gathered for my scolding lecture—“beware Sadar Tarar is comingJ” It was an open secret. I didn’t mind rather enjoyed.

Our next destination was Swat. We reached Mingora in the evening. So we went from Mingora to Kalam by bus at night. It was pitch dark when the bus was crossing the hanging bridge. Every one recited all holy verses he/she remembered from Quran. The thunderous winds and roaring River Swat under the bridge and the darkness all round where nothing was visible to naked eye scared us to death. It was a frightful journey.

Each one of us heaved a sigh of relief when reached the reserved Ali hotel. How ever the morning was just eye captivating. High mountains, silver water waves of river flowing and greenery all around refreshed our body and minds. Tikala (means roti or bread, in Pashto) restaurant prepared delicious dishes for us.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the stay there. We met Farhana Abidi the librarian of our HPS with her friends in Kalam. We enjoyed the full moon singing old songs and listening to Farhana’s poetry.  From Kalam we proceeded to Utror and Mahudand valley crossing the glacier. It was fun to see the snow being carried to make ice lollies and also used as path way to Mahudand. Mahudand valley has stunning beauty. The tall pine trees’ reflection in the lagoon made the whole view green. Snow clad Falak Sher mountain in the background added mesmerizing look to the valley. It was getting cold with the setting sun so we started our journey back to Kalam. One of our students got sick so we looked for the doctor but amazingly there was not a single doctor to be found in Kalam. The reason was their simple living. Eating healthy breathing fresh air drinking fresh water resulted in healthy life. There was no confectionary shop too. No bakery no junk no pollution no aliment so no doctorJ

That child got better soonJ  with care and rest. One other student had some health problem but as he wanted to enjoy and be a part of our group so his parents having confidence in us allowed him to join.  They were in constant contact with us. They had asked us to send the child back by air if he feels sick.  One day he didn’t feel good. Judging his condition Saleem and Ali Bahadur took him to Saidu Sharif n saw him off for Karachi . His parents were satisfied with our caring of their child.

Teachers and children did lot of shopping for their dear ones and enjoyed every single day together. We reached back home safely alhamdolillah. It’s one of   the memorable tours of my life. We never experienced such beautiful trip after that.

I am grateful to my colleagues who were so caring. No complains from any one was reported. My admiration and love for my dear students who behaved so well throughout and I thank myself for being born sluggish and among so many loved ones. I enjoyed every moment I was with them all.










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