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Thinking of thee—– Love!

Posted on: February 12, 2012

Thinking of thee—Love!


What is love——-?

To be lost in the ocean of chances

To neglect all for your soggy eyes; 

Sometimes go and share with stars

About heart’s feelings or flowers,

Either squander day silently or

Be asleep in a meaningless way; 

At times shed tears, at times veil them,

I evoke all, being lost on the way at dusk 

What is love—–?

Poison, energizer, shadow, may be

                                                Shadow, which often shadowed me;

Compels me to speak his language

Forget self, and choose crazy way; 

What is love—-?

                                                Be faithful to words, sip death’s poison,

      Pat thy heart’s string with pure simplicity 

What is love—-?

 Maybe to locate him on the tracks,

                                               Worship again, whom cast off before;  

Just feel often, that we have left

 Far behind, the destiny of madness; 

Broken the bond amid flora and fauna,

Through clouds Love will shower again

Linking green shoot erupts in heart again; 

Will feel free of your promising assurance,

Love will again return to your soggy eyes!


 Translated Shaista Mufti’s work











5 Responses to "Thinking of thee—– Love!"

…..Beautiful thoughts about Love.well done Mrs Rauf and Shaista


Sabiha dear thank you for kind comments but next time please write remarks with your name n email id. it looks as if i gave comments to myself. i think you opened my page n gave remrks:) thank you again swwetheart


[…] Thinking of thee—– Love! […]


beautifully done translation mrs rauf . happy valentine day , be my valentine love u always


Beautiful poem, I am touched!


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