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People who impressed me!

Posted on: January 29, 2012

I am a happy go lucky with careless sluggish nature. Very easy to be carried away and fooled by even a child. I trust every one and never doubt any one’s honesty. So bore heavy losses too but I never regret or look back. Shrugging my shoulders I move on. Riches and status never impresses me. I neither feel jealous nor envy. What impresses me is the moral fiber of the person. The first human being who impressed me was my brother. What I am today is just because of him. He nurtured, educated, and groomed me to be a good human. I doubt if I have justified. Teachers of Convent like, Sr. Catherine, Mother Regis, Mrs. E. Rehman, and Ms. Nargis Gai left worthy impact of their virtuous personality traits on me. Miss. Contractor (late) the Principal of Mama Parsi School impressed me immensely. Her dedication, punctuality keen observation and commitment along with her concerned manners made me her admirer. I can never forget the kindness of Joseph the receptionist in Delhi. I was there to attend SAARC Teacher’s Conference. I had high fever and throbbing headache. He felt my pain and humanely provided me a hot cup of coffee that I needed badly. It was not his responsibility but being a good human being he did so. I wish he’s living a healthy joyful life. Mrs. Mussarat Aziz the first headmistress of Hamdard Public School stands out for her competency and perfection in carrying out her responsibilities. It was because of her that Hamdard got fame in all areas of learning and activities, may it be entrance tests, Annual Sports day, International Health day, arts competition Bazm-e- Naunehal. She would not rest until the project reached perfection. Doctor Mehnaz Munir the first administrator of HPS was the best administrator. I used to say that even the winds corrected their direction if Dr. Mehnaz was on inspection. She was strict and hard like walnut but soft and sweet like its kernel. Once she threw away all containers of potato chaat because they were not covered and flies enjoyed it more. She would never allow chewing gums and fizzy drinks in the canteen as she said they make children hyper. I loved working with Mrs. Aziz and Dr. Mehnaz. Hakim Said felt delighted to invite dignitaries from around the world. Every event was organized flawlessly under supervision of Mrs.Aziz and Dr. Mehnaz. When Prime Minister Ms. Benazir Bhutto visited Hamdard Public School I presented her a rose bud. She held it in her hand all throughout her visit until she left. It shows how she cared for others. I was just an ordinary employee who was in reception committee. The rose bud is seen in her hand in pictures.

Mrs. Lily D’Silva is another very refined and cultured lady who dedicated her more than 20 years serving Hamdard. She was very learned kind and sincere lady. Hakim Muhammad Said was a unique soul. He was honest, sincere, learned, and genuine with an eagle’s eye. He knew about every person who was his employee. He respected every one and always greeted with a smile. He never belittled any one by word or deed. He never hesitated to appreciate and encourage for good work. My hats off to him! All these people impressed me a lot and I am very grateful to have been in contact with them. May each one of them be blessed here and here after. Amen!


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Hey hey hey, i know Mrs.Aziz very well.She used to be my our neighbor.Undoubtedly, a very nice and refined lady 🙂


no doubt she is a friend of friends. she is living in north of Dubai with her husband Javed Bhai. you can add her on face book. her id is mussarat aziz ebarahim
thank you for reading my blog:) my dear Fariha love you more


[…] People who impressed me! […]


Thanks for remembering that day, I was also included in the reception committee, never forget when I rushed to the heli pad with holding hand of hakim sahib to welcome the Prime minister Benazir, I felt proud to be there when once she put her hand on my shoulder during the visit of HPS Secondary section. I also fascinated by the personality of COAS General waheed Kakar. God bless you Mrs. Rauf


thank you my dear Farhana:) golden memories na:)


learning never ceases…we often learn great lessons from ordinary people,while I believe there is no one ordinary…Allah is diverse in his creations….its all from world pictorial library…that I extracted.:)


yess you are right:)


You have made me dive in the ocean of memories. I joined Hamdard in 1992 in Grade-1 and matriculated from there in 2002.

Dr. Mehnaz was great. Although I have a little memory of her, but I remember her charming personality well. I remember her more well as she treated me in the hospital in my infancy. She was a child specialist too. I wish I could thank her, Madam Rauf, and all the teachers, for everything that I am today. Thank you for this wonderful post 🙂

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i’m humbled. my dear teachers really value their students and have same loving emotions like that of a mother.


thank you for making us feel wanted:)


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