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Eat less——Live more!

Posted on: January 5, 2012

Back to life———!
My father Babuji was very right in saying that, if you want to live long then eat less what ever you eat. Do not over load your stomach otherwise you have to bear the damage and bad consequences which will make you vulnerable afterwards.
The last week of 2011 was the worst ever for me.
I am 63 almost now but feel if not 16 then 26 
I was invited on dinner. It was cold night of 29th December 2011
There were friends and families who we met after very long.
Eating rich lavish food in jovial mood with friends was fun. Quantity of intake was more than my body actually needed. I completely forgot my sensitive digestive system having diabetes and blood pressure and most of all, my age. So the cramps n rumbling started gradually increasing so much so that I had to be taken to hospital early morning before the dawn broke by my children. Unfortunately I was not treated as it should be or the agony was pre-written in my fate so the pain increased to unbearable degree. I was taken to a bigger hospital where luck favored. The doctor detected my problem n diagnosed after all laboratory tests that all my intestines are in protest against me. They have stopped working rather better to say they have locked themselves up. No gas or stool could pass out. Thus the pain aggravated. I was put on circular intravenous injections with no oral intake. It was the most agonizing time of my life. I am scared to death of needles and injections but had to welcome them being pierced in my body willingly
I could hear the fireworks on New Year’s night with cramps n tears. Well this is life! No pain no gain!
Though I am out of danger now otherwise the doctor said that if my intestines ruptured then it would have been the end of 2011 for me, before it really ended
I am sharing all this to let the reader know t hat over eating can be so dangerous. So its better to take care of health before it disapproves.
Prevention is better than cure. Eat light, simple and healthy to live long beautiful life. We can’t increase the number of breaths granted to us by almighty Allah but we surely can maintain the value and quality of health to live life beautifully.
A sick can’t even enjoy the rain, rainbow, fragrance, cool breeze and other attractive countless blessings.
Message for today from the core of my heart is to value life
Eat less to live more
My deepest cordial thanks to my children who were beside me day night and my friends who visited me and who prayed for me.
Love you all!


16 Responses to "Eat less——Live more!"

Very well said mam, i hav personally seen such people who eat less and are alhamdulillah enjoying a healthy long life. It surely works.


Mashallah u wrote very well. Same thing happened with me due to had food from very famous hotel not due to over eating.


ohh ammi that was really terrible time for all of us. Alhamdullilah we r through from the dilemma. u have written it very well too 🙂 and hoping that u won’t do the same ever in ur life. May Allah give u long, happy and healthy life. We love u alot and praying to have you with us forever.


my dear Nano I love you n all my children for their care support n my temper n childish arrogance. you know what a bad patient i am:(


we wont mind such reactions as we r very much habitual of it 🙂 and in actual u r 6 not 16 neither 26 😛


thank you. you make me more proud of you all/ love u


Its good to hear that you are now feeling good.
My stomach give me trouble when I eat outside as my amma has made our intestines vey week by giving us too much clean food to eat.


YOU are Absolutely right Zainab beta. although we know that, health is wealth n but we ignore it most


Good to hear that you are fine now.
Thanks for sharing , for awareness


MashAllah good to see you are fine now. Take care of yourself and stay healthy. We all love you 🙂


Waqas n Fariha my dear ones thank you so very much for being there always. love you


Worth reading but what would you say about those who live to eat ? 😛


[…] Eat less——Live more! […]


Excellent piece..Blessings

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