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Posted on: November 12, 2011

Umar’s Wife Acts as Midwife

History repeats itself, but I doubt because the event I am going to write just now is and can be read-only in the books. Years have passed, but I never happened to read or hear any such event been repeated. If any of my readers have any experience of such events in and around the whole full world, please do share.

Amir Ul mu’minin Hazrat Umar Farooq (radiyallahu ‘anhu) during the time of a caliphate, used to patrol the streets and suburbs of Medina himself during the night to be abreast with the happenings.
One night during his regular night patrols he saw a camel-hair tent pitched in an open place. He had never before seen such kind of shelter so he got closer to the shelter. There he saw a man sitting outside the tent, and he heard moaning and groaning coming from inside the tent. Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) after greeting the stranger asked him about him and his problem. The stranger told me that he was from the desert. He had come to seek help from the Amir Ul mu’minin Hazrat Umar Farooq. He refused to share with Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu. Hazrat Umar insisted that maybe he could help him at that hour of his need at night. So the stranger told him that his wife is having labor pains, and there is No one with her to help.
Hazrat Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) got up instantly n headed towards his home. On reaching home, he broached the subject to his wife Umme Kulthoom, “Allah ta’ala has brought you an opportunity to receive great blessings.” What is it O, Mir Ul mu’minin?”
Umar said,” there is a poor desert woman’s in labor pains out in addition to that none to attend her. ”Umme Kulthoom (radiyallahu ‘anha) said that she was ready to help if it pleases Umar.

Umme Kulthoom (radiyallahu ‘an hu) was after all daughter of Bibi Fatima (radiyallahu ‘anha) and granddaughter of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wassallam)
Umar said, ” then you should make all due haste. Also take some butter, pan, supplies and other necessities needed during the childbirth.”
Umme Kulthoom left for the place with all things required there in the tent. Umar followed her. She entered the tent while Umar made a fire and occupied himself with cooking which those people could eat. After short while Umme Kulthoom (radiyallahu ‘anha) called out from inside the tent, “Amir al mu’minin, congratulate your friend on the birth of a son.”
The person was quite embarrassed when he heard the title of Amir Ul mu’minin and realized the position of the person who had been serving him. But Umar radiyallahu ‘anha) put all his fears at rest, saying, ‘That is all right, there is nothing to worry about.”
He then placed the pan near the tent, asking his wife to take it and feed the woman. She fed her and returned the pan to Umar. Then Umar asked the Bedouin to eat also as he had been awake all night. Having served Umar and his wife returned home telling the Bedouin < ” come tomorrow, I shall see what I can do for you.”
Is there any king, nay a petty chief or even an ordinary middle-class person of today who will take his wife out at late night in the wilderness to attend a sick stranger woman n prepares food. So dear readers we should realize that unless we follow the footsteps of those Allah fearing people, we cannot deserve the special blessings of Almighty Allah

13 Responses to "Inspire to Aspire"

SubhanAllah. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story of compassion.May Allah(SWT) guide us to be like these noble men and women.


Subhan Allah , That is why not only Muslims but westerns and non Muslims also consider Hazarat Umer Razi Allahu anha as a great ruler.
Allah Ham sab ko hidayat de .


WOW!! What a great article!!! Thank you for the reminder that we should all live to help each other!!


Rasook Pak (saw) prayed Allah for Hazrat Umer to become a muslim and give strength to Islam. He was wonderful Khalifah-e-Islam. May Allah give us hidayat to be like him. Ameen


thank you every one. may Allah enable us all muslims to follow the footsteps of our great leaders n models of humane human beings. ameen ameen ameen


thank you every one. may Allah enable us all muslims to follow the footsteps of our great leaders n models of humane human beings. ameen ameen ameen. by mistake i wrote on nadia’s page. sorry every one


History wil repeat insha Allah as said in Hadiths. that Mehdi & Huzrut Esa AS wil come that this era wil repeat for 40 years after a last biggest crusade.
now it is our duty to b the part of Rehman army not shaitan army.

Khilafat e Rashda has no comparision for justice on earth, i cannot recall exactly but Nehroo or Gandhi said to their rulers that manage their states like Huzrut Umer & Usman Razi Allah Talah Anhuma Ajmaeen, becoze he dont have better example then these!


strongly agree with you Surriyya ji


This is a beautiful story and a reminder for all us to follow the foot steps of our beloved messengers of Allah.You are writng for a good cause and InshAllah will be rewarded.


The Entire regime of Khulefa-e-Rashideen was great. No doubt they not only taught us about true spirit of Islam but they practically proved it by their great deeds themselves. May Allah give us the ambition and courage to do such great things today. (Ameen)


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