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Posted on: November 9, 2011

Again spring blossomed like this
So sun and the moon become witness
Look! O, natives of the earth
It’s beautification of the earth
That earth is beyond measure
The sky is bejeweled with stars
Grass when get not any space
Became moss on water surface
To see flora and grassy region
Nargis Flowers been given vision
Air has the effect of inebriation
Drinking is like wind intoxication
Why the world be not happy Ghalib
Lord of religious zeal restores health.

phir is a.ndaaz se bahaar aa_ii
ke huye mehar-o-maah tamaashaa_ii
[mehar-o-maah=sun and moon]
dekho ai sakinaan-e-khittaa-e-Khaak
is ko kahate hai.n aalam-aaraa_ii
[sakinaan-e-khittaa-e-Khaak=dwellers of this earth]
[aalaam=world; aaraa_ii=ornament]
ke zamii.n ho ga_ii hai sar taa sar
ruukash-e-satahe charKhe minaa_ii
[sar taa sar=infinite]
[ruukash-e-satah-e-charKh-e-minaa_ii=a sky full of stars]
sabze ko jab kahii.n jagah na milii

ban gayaa ruu-e-aab par kaa_ii
[sabze=greenery; ruu-e-aab=water surface; kaa_ii=moss]
sabz-o-gul ke dekhane ke liye

chashm-e-nargis ko dii hai binaa_ii
[sabz-o-gul=greenery and flower (flora)]
[chashm-e-nargis=Nargis is a flower which is shaped like an eye]
hai havaa me.n sharaab kiitaasiir
badaanoshii hai baad paimaa_ii
[taasiir=effect; baadaanoshii=to drink wine]
[baad paimaa_ii=to take a measure of the wind]
kyuu.N na duniyaa ko ho Khushii “Ghalib”
shaah-e-dii.ndaar ne shifaa pa_ii

Lord of religious zeal restores health
Composed by Asadullah Khan Ghalib
Translated by Tanveer Rauf


14 Responses to "DIL——–"

Wow Ghalib at his best 🙂 marvellous translation ammi jee. waqai DIL ko lagtee hey


if you really mean it then thank you Nano ji


In literature its difficult to translate anything as its not the translation of words rather transformation of theme and essence of spirit, I have no hesitation to say that Madam Tanveer did that with full dedication .


zarranawazi ha Khalid aapki shukria


wow mrs Rauf , great translation , this time u have really proved that u can translate great work as well , translating ghalib is not an easy task to do , paste it on various groups and spread on net , u will see the response , love u alot . best of luck shaista


khush raho Shaista beta. i dont know where to paste. will you plz guide or do it yrself for me. ehsaan hoga mujh per. thank you dear in advance


Brilliant aunty. I love the way you have translated all the difficult terms. Makes it a lot easier to enjoy the beautiful poetry by Ghalib. Thumbs up!


thank you Fariha my dear:)


Ghalib ki kia baat hay , aur english main translate kar k mushkil urdu samajh main na anay walon k liay asani kar di app nay , Great


Really brilliant!


thank you Farhana dear


Mrs. Rauf, it is extremely difficult to translate a piece preserving the connotation of what is said in the original language. It is difficult even in prose let alone poetry. You did it. I hope you will continue writing.


assalamoalaikum Yemeen sahib, thank you for your kind comments:) please read my other blogs too and give your comments. I will be honored if you do so. hows family n serdi in canada:) I hope all’s well


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