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Sabiha Qaiser

I was absorbed thinking about some topic to write on when all of a sudden the telephone bell disrupted me.

 My old friend Sabiha was on the phone. It was a pleasant surprise to hear her. Both of us being occupied with our chores hadn’t  met for quite long so we set time to meet at her home on Saturday evening.

As decided i went to her home. I rang the door bell. And within no time Sabiha opened the door. She was also eagerly waiting for me.

Sabiha greeted me with same warm smile like always.

The environment she has created in her home is very comfortable and pleasant. One feels at ease and at home in her simple but artistically set home. She’s not only a good cook is a very amiable host too. Home made munchies with fruit were set on the table to enjoy our friendly heart-to-heart talk.

 She is serving as an Administrator in a school run by a reputed NGO.

 I told her about my freelance writing.

Sabiha was surprised when I told her that I would take her interview. She tried to avoid it as she is very serene and never likes to be in glare of publicity. Her point of view was that she is not a famous lady or belongs to any political party, has influential status or media persona. She asked me

“Who would be interested to read?”

But I insisted to unveil her life story just to encourage other hundreds of ladies like herself who may possibly follow her footsteps and live with bliss, self-confidence and opulence.

Elite class has means and sources and does not face the bitterness of life as common people do, so they need to be encouraged. Her talk can be a landmark for one or many. Every one is born with a purpose set by Almighty so Sabiha may provide a path to follow or inspire some to boost up their moral.

Sabiha modestly agreed to unveil her struggles and turmoil, which she carried like yoke on her shoulders after her husband’s demise till date.

I requested her to answer my questions in line with the sequence.

Tanveer: when and where were you born Sabiha?

Sabiha: with a smile and taking a sip of coffee she replied that she is Virgo and was born in Karachi on 19th September.

Tanveer: will you please enlighten us about your educational credentials?

Sabiha: I did B.Sc from Govt P.E.C.H College

Tanveer: I remember you got married somewhere in early 80’s

Sabiha: you are right Tanveer I got married just after two days of Valentine’s Day i.e. on 16th February 1981

Tanveer: what are your sons Babar, Umair and Sair doing now?

Sabiha: All three sons masha Allah graduated from LUMS. Two of them are married. I have one grand daughter too.

Tanveer: you were a very submissive type of a girl. How did your husband’s death influence you?

Sabiha” My husband’s death taught me that I had strength I was unaware of. With widowhood came the surfacing of an inner self.  I have learned, though it took a few years, that pain is a natural part of living. We grow by losing n leaving and letting go.

Tanveer: I am impressed with your practical approach towards life. Would you share how your husband died?

Unfortunately he got heart attack on 8th May and breathed his last on 9thMay 1993.

Tanveer:  how will you put it in your words now

Sabiha: In every new experience happy or sad there is need to let go of what WAS until we do that, we can’t appreciate what’s IS.

Tanveer: Bravo! I never knew my dear friend that you have become so matured a lady now. (I was, moved and astonished by her courage to face life so daringly.)

Sabiha: The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched.

They must be felt with the heart.

Tanveer: I recollect you worked as teacher in a school too

Sabiha: Yes I served Hamdard for 11 years. I worked in two shifts in Hamdard to make my ends meet for all 3 sons were studying.  I worked in Hamdard village school in evening shift along with morning shift.

Tanveer: how was your experience inVillageSchool?

Sabiha:    Tanveer I observed poverty very closely there and felt the agony of appetite, poverty and poor health.

 Being sailing in the same boat I could only alleviate poor students with my kind words and care. I gained their love, trust and heart felt gratification that I treasure a lot.

Tanveer: would you mind if I ask you something personal Sabiha?

Sabiha: smilingly she said, in a hot, dry season, a tiny drop of kindness makes the world healthier and more hopeful. Tanveer dear your company is a pleasure for me so you can ask me anything!

Tanveer: was your salary enough to execute your requirements?

Sabiha: To be honest no. I believe in dignity of labor and have no reservations in saying that I gave coaching in the evening, sew and designed dresses and bed sheets and exhibit them for sale. I got what I did in return for good mind, good finds.

Tanveer: Did you face any problem with authorized departments?

Sabiha: would you believe me Tanveer that departments like KDA, PTCL, KESC, POLICE all helped and solved my troubles with kindness and respect even so they have no high-quality repute. But where there is a will there is a way.   I trust Allah so I over came all hindrances.

Tanveer: you are right Sabiha; God helps those who help them selves.

Tanveer: any message for readers?

Sabiha: My message for one n all is to please give time to yourself along with people around you. Enjoy life, as it is beautiful gift of God.

You never repay who help you in your trip through life, but you can pass on the payment. It will give you inner peace.

” Nothing is ever lost what I learned I put to use somewhere else”

Tanveer: Why did you not remarry nor do you miss partner?

Sabiha: I did not remarry for stepfather is crueler. He lacks endurance. He fails to tolerate forgive any shortcomings of other man’s children. Hence I sacrificed for my children’s’ betterment.

How ever one needs a companion to share pains and gains.

Tanveer: Thank you Sabiha for your time and enriching me with your positive and consistent efforts to enjoy the colors of life. God BLESS YOU.

It’s really amazing that keys played Hide n Seek with us since my childhood.
We lived in a huge bungalow in Peshawar.
Our house was located in the middle having Kitchen garden and rose garden in the backyard and grassy lawn having boundary of fruit trees like pomegranate, oranges, peaches, figs and sweet-smelling seasonal flowers and tennis courtyard in front. There was no fear of robbery as it was cantonment area. We had no locks any where so I was unfamiliar with keys.
Being a habitual forgetter of the keys my brother had removed a window pane in our apartment in Mauripur base Karachi, for me to slide inside the room and unlock the door so all could enter when we returned from any party or occasion. It was but understood that same practice will continue as long as we lived there.
My brother used to go on official tours from one place to another and every time he came back he had either forgotten the key some where or locked them in his suitcases. So every time lock had to be broken. It also happened many a times that keys were found after the lock broke So we had bunches of lost and later found keys.
Children played with them while playing police and robbers
I grew up without any experience of using lock and key as there was nothing to hide or lock.
After I got married I had to go to Jhelum as my husband being in Army was posted there. So all boxes were locked and keys were handed over to me with the advice to take care of them.
I was least interested in keys or locks so I forgot where I had put them. Being a new bride my husband was very kind and without any grumble or frown broke the locks of all my stuff. The keys were later found in one of my hand bags.
Luckily my husband had the same habit of forgetting keys. May be that was the reason he didn’t rebuke me
We had a collection of all shapes and sizes of keys of virgin locks. Those poor locks once locked were never unlocked with any key 🙂
My father had to bear loss in his business because he never doubted anybody’s honesty and never locked his shop.
Last but not the least my son in law has the same loathe for the keys. He religiously forgets his keys everywhere he goes. They have also a collection of keys for their children to play with and locks are used as hammers
I worked in many institutions at respectable posts having my own office with cupboards and tables and lockers but believe you me my drawers were never locked and they keys remained in them.
On my visit to SAARC countries as delegate from Pakistan I was given keys to my room where ever I stayed. But the room was always opened by my colleague or the Host’s staff as I feel scared of keys 
Often during custom checking at the airports locks of my suitcases were always broken as I always failed to find the keys on time in my handbag

So dear friends that is the end of Hide and Seek of keys because we could never find any clue or key to find keys on time

My Father
Posted by: Tanveer Rauf on: November 19, 2011
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My Father
Every father is a guard, a support, a provider and a caretaker of his family. So was my father Syed Fazle Ali. He was very good-humoured, intellectual with beyond belief memory, but, he was an utter honest, affectionate and straightforward down to earth man. He was a self made. He being very intelligent, qualified all his exams with flying colors. After completing his education he joined Indian Railways as Station Master
After Independence he was transferred to Lalamusa.
He moved to Karachi after retirement , where most of his relatives had settled after migration from India.
My father (we called him Babuji) being straightforward and service man was oblivious of business tactics. Some of his friends asked him to buy shops out of his provident fund rent out the shops to enjoy his retired life.
Babuji rented out two shops and opened a cloth shop to run it himself. He had no previous experience of business. He had two hobbies. One was to increase his English vocabulary. For that he loved to read thesaurus and second hobby was to read Ibn e Safi’s detective Imran series. During this activity if any one came to buy cloth he used to get very angry for being disturbed. Refusing he asked them to buy from shops but not to disturb him
since he was so absorbed in reading that didLadies knew very well how simple he was. They would hide stuff from his sight and take away free of cost. My father was least concernedn’t even bother while other shopkeepers smiled at my father’s simplicity and carefree attitude towards business.
He thought that he is fair and honest so are all people around him.
He would go out for lunch or tea break leaving the shop open. After returning he found his shoes or coat or other necessary items missing. He would grumble at unseen thieves and again started reading either dictionary or Ibn e safi. Often ladies who knew his nature very well asked him to give fabric according to their requirement on credit. My father being kind and generous always did. He noted dates, names and amount religiously in his register. But no lady ever returned to pay back his money
End result was that his shop was getting empty but his register was getting fewer pages for the credits buyers.
He was very strict in his rules and principles. He never ever gave any piece of cloth free of cost to my brother
My brother always bought on cash payment.
So after some years my brother asked him to wind up his business as he had gained enough business experience and born quite heavy loss
The other shops were sold too. How, why, when and by whom they were sold out is still a mystery
Babuji lived in Karachi where as mother n I lived with brother in Peshawar. Babuji slipped in wash room while taking shower. His hip joint got fractured. My brother and I came from Peshawar. The doctor told my brother that father has astonishing memory. My father told the name the make and the taste of the medicine to the doctor though his eyes were closed and he was not fully conscious after surgical treatment.
He had tasted that medicine some thirty years back in India.
After he got slightly stable my brother asked him to accompany us to Peshawar.
This is part I. If readers like it then I will write more about my Babuji’s first ever flight from Karachi to Peshawar and much more
I am sure my dear Babuji must be smiling high up in the heavens reading all this about him, I have all respect and love for him.

is duniyaa me.n sab hai.n akele
Sehba Akhtar

is duniyaa me.n sab hai.n akele
koii kisii kaa nahii.n
kaisii mohabbat kasii vafaaye.n kaise pyaar ke sapane
aaj Khayaalo.n me.n bhii nahii.n hai.n saath jo the kal apane
jhuuThee hai.n sab jag ke mele
saayaa bhii apanaa nahii.n
kaaGaz kii ek naa.Nv hai jiivan koii nahii.n hai maa.Njhii
biich bhavar me.n kaun banaa hai Duubate man kaa saathii
kahate hai.n maujo.n ke rele
koii kinaaraa nahii.n

In this world all are lonely
No one belongs to anybody

What is love, what devotions, what dreams of love?
Today not even in notion, those who were so beloved
All world’s fair are sham
My shadow still not the same

Life is a paper boat, no sailor
Who becomes a buddy of a sinking heart in a whirl?
Gush of waves say that
No shoreline anywhere

Composed by Sehba Akhtar
Translated by Tanveer Rauf

O’ Allah the Creator,it’s our appeal

Endorse our every aspiration

Bless us, here and hereafter

Prevent us from the fire of hell

May imprisoned be released

May those in debt be relieved

Bless those who have no offspring

Give those healths that are ailing

Keep us away from evils of the world

Lead us to path of peace and accord

Nourish with foodstuff that makes us upright

Shower us with wealth of love for Prophet

Give us no grief except the grief of Hussain

May every heart adore family of Prophet

Day and night may every heart pray for

Knowledge, awareness and happiness

Composed by Hussain Sehar

Translated by, Tanveer Rauf

Umar’s Wife Acts as Midwife

History repeats itself, but I doubt because the event I am going to write just now is and can be read-only in the books. Years have passed, but I never happened to read or hear any such event been repeated. If any of my readers have any experience of such events in and around the whole full world, please do share.

Amir Ul mu’minin Hazrat Umar Farooq (radiyallahu ‘anhu) during the time of a caliphate, used to patrol the streets and suburbs of Medina himself during the night to be abreast with the happenings.
One night during his regular night patrols he saw a camel-hair tent pitched in an open place. He had never before seen such kind of shelter so he got closer to the shelter. There he saw a man sitting outside the tent, and he heard moaning and groaning coming from inside the tent. Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) after greeting the stranger asked him about him and his problem. The stranger told me that he was from the desert. He had come to seek help from the Amir Ul mu’minin Hazrat Umar Farooq. He refused to share with Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu. Hazrat Umar insisted that maybe he could help him at that hour of his need at night. So the stranger told him that his wife is having labor pains, and there is No one with her to help.
Hazrat Umar (radiyallahu ‘anhu) got up instantly n headed towards his home. On reaching home, he broached the subject to his wife Umme Kulthoom, “Allah ta’ala has brought you an opportunity to receive great blessings.” What is it O, Mir Ul mu’minin?”
Umar said,” there is a poor desert woman’s in labor pains out in addition to that none to attend her. ”Umme Kulthoom (radiyallahu ‘anha) said that she was ready to help if it pleases Umar.

Umme Kulthoom (radiyallahu ‘an hu) was after all daughter of Bibi Fatima (radiyallahu ‘anha) and granddaughter of Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wassallam)
Umar said, ” then you should make all due haste. Also take some butter, pan, supplies and other necessities needed during the childbirth.”
Umme Kulthoom left for the place with all things required there in the tent. Umar followed her. She entered the tent while Umar made a fire and occupied himself with cooking which those people could eat. After short while Umme Kulthoom (radiyallahu ‘anha) called out from inside the tent, “Amir al mu’minin, congratulate your friend on the birth of a son.”
The person was quite embarrassed when he heard the title of Amir Ul mu’minin and realized the position of the person who had been serving him. But Umar radiyallahu ‘anha) put all his fears at rest, saying, ‘That is all right, there is nothing to worry about.”
He then placed the pan near the tent, asking his wife to take it and feed the woman. She fed her and returned the pan to Umar. Then Umar asked the Bedouin to eat also as he had been awake all night. Having served Umar and his wife returned home telling the Bedouin < ” come tomorrow, I shall see what I can do for you.”
Is there any king, nay a petty chief or even an ordinary middle-class person of today who will take his wife out at late night in the wilderness to attend a sick stranger woman n prepares food. So dear readers we should realize that unless we follow the footsteps of those Allah fearing people, we cannot deserve the special blessings of Almighty Allah

The clout of doubt———

Again at night I,
Like the setting Sun,
Churned in my blood’s fire
Absurdly to clutch the moon

An agitated ray of seven colors
Crept from the valley of speaking shadows
Hid in the bosom of a dewdrop,
On the floor of a resting twig

———–bosom of a dewdrop
Became a hell of roaring seven colors

This roaring hell of seven colors,
Got into my heart, my blood;
Altering the moment of fire
I touched the moon at last

Moon but was not candle of pang
Nor a city of desires
The moon was a murky stone
Was frozen blood————-!

Poetry by Ahmed Shamim
Translated by
Tanveer Rauf!

Again spring blossomed like this
So sun and the moon become witness
Look! O, natives of the earth
It’s beautification of the earth
That earth is beyond measure
The sky is bejeweled with stars
Grass when get not any space
Became moss on water surface
To see flora and grassy region
Nargis Flowers been given vision
Air has the effect of inebriation
Drinking is like wind intoxication
Why the world be not happy Ghalib
Lord of religious zeal restores health.

phir is a.ndaaz se bahaar aa_ii
ke huye mehar-o-maah tamaashaa_ii
[mehar-o-maah=sun and moon]
dekho ai sakinaan-e-khittaa-e-Khaak
is ko kahate hai.n aalam-aaraa_ii
[sakinaan-e-khittaa-e-Khaak=dwellers of this earth]
[aalaam=world; aaraa_ii=ornament]
ke zamii.n ho ga_ii hai sar taa sar
ruukash-e-satahe charKhe minaa_ii
[sar taa sar=infinite]
[ruukash-e-satah-e-charKh-e-minaa_ii=a sky full of stars]
sabze ko jab kahii.n jagah na milii

ban gayaa ruu-e-aab par kaa_ii
[sabze=greenery; ruu-e-aab=water surface; kaa_ii=moss]
sabz-o-gul ke dekhane ke liye

chashm-e-nargis ko dii hai binaa_ii
[sabz-o-gul=greenery and flower (flora)]
[chashm-e-nargis=Nargis is a flower which is shaped like an eye]
hai havaa me.n sharaab kiitaasiir
badaanoshii hai baad paimaa_ii
[taasiir=effect; baadaanoshii=to drink wine]
[baad paimaa_ii=to take a measure of the wind]
kyuu.N na duniyaa ko ho Khushii “Ghalib”
shaah-e-dii.ndaar ne shifaa pa_ii

Lord of religious zeal restores health
Composed by Asadullah Khan Ghalib
Translated by Tanveer Rauf

The Artist

A silkworm on mulberry leaf
Weaving silk from velvety leaf
Covering its body———-
The silly worm does not know
One day it will vanish in silk threads

I am also a worm
I also on this life’s leaf
Weaving silken beauty by velvet dreams;
My body, your body—–
Covering bodies of all
——–I am also a silkworm

One day will vanish in silk threads
Will vanish in deep doleful grave

Image - Copy
Urdu side by Ahmed Shamim
Translated by
Tanveer Rauf


In want for who is whose, own people are alien
Shining faces elegant and dazzling, all are known

Loneliness mere loneliness, whom to explain
Eyes, lips and cheeks lay under soul arid reign

Ooh! Where to search beauty and truth
Where to stay and where to move;

Flowers blossom in garden court
Insane are in the deserted region

How can reliance suit us, we support own self
Desert, insane, perishing moths, in own self

At last getting tired folks, I have accepted
Loving one self is truth, rest is all fiction

Composed by Ibne Safi, his poetic name was Israr Narvii
Translated by Tanveer Rauf

Ibne safi’s poetic name Asrar Narvi

rāh-e-talab meñ kaun kisī apne bhī begāne haiñ

chāñd se mukhḌe rashk-e-ġhazālāñ sab jaane pahchāne haiñ

tanhā.ī sī tanhā.ī hai kaise kaheñ kaise samjhā.eñ

chashm o lab-o-ruḳhsār kī tah meñ rūhoñ ke vīrāne haiñ

uf ye talāsh-e-husn-o-haqīqat kis jā Thahreñ jaa.eñ kahāñ

sehn-e-chaman meñ phuul khile haiñ sahrā meñ dīvāne haiñ

ham ko sahāre kyā raas aa.eñ apnā sahārā haiñ ham aap

ḳhud hī sahrā ḳhud hī divāne sham-e-nafas parvāne haiñ

bil-āḳhir thak haar ke yaaro ham ne bhī taslīm kiyā

apnī zaat se ishq hai sachchā baaqī sab afsāne haiñ

In want for wh…

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