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Ek darwaza khulta hai

Posted on: October 30, 2011

This time I decided to translate one piece of poetry from Shaista Mufti’s first book.

A door opens in village akin to fairies
On the way lies a blooming forest
Under the shade of pine trees

That path where Laila awaiting still
Mustard blossoms in the colorful milieu

Old birch tree is occupied by nymphs
Swings are void in cool alluring breeze

Mine and yours love story famed in the world
Have heard Heer Ranjha’s stories in myth ballet

The childhood that beam in heart in secret
May well abscond it in the secluded space

Here’s the original poetry:

اک دروازہ کھلتا ہے پریوں جیسے گاؤں میں
راہ میں مدھ بن پڑتا ہے اونچے چیڑ کی، چھاؤں میں

وہ پگڈنڈی جس پر لیلیٰ اب تک رستہ دیکھتی ہے
اب تک سرسوں پھول رہی ہےاُن رنگین فضاؤں میں

بوڑھے برگد پر اب تک آسیب بسیرا کرتا ہے
جھولے سونے سونے ہیں ساون کی مست فضاؤں

تیرے میرے دل کی کہانی دنیا میں مشہور رہی
رانجھا ہیر کے قصے سنتے آءے رقص کتھاؤں میں

وہ بچپن جو اب تک دل میں چھپ چھپ کر مسکا تا ہے
سوچتے ہیں چھوڑ آئیں ُاسکو دور دراز خلاؤں میں

12 Responses to "Ek darwaza khulta hai"

Great addition in the collection of your translated poems 🙂


superb as usual 🙂 Mashallah


oh my dear Zainab beta, thank you soooooooo much, you are the only one who took pains to read n encourage me. thanks a million my dear.


My Pleasure . . . 🙂

Keep moving ahead !!!!!
May Allah Pak gives u strength and courage.


shukr ha tum aii tu:) nano ji perh liya ker yaar. zara himmat bundh jati ha. na


great work Mrs Rauf , u have a great talent of transforming emotions into a universal language , this is something very rare as when someone translates usually its original essence is lost but somehow u manage to equate the spirit behind the original text , even i feel that u enhance its value , i pray to God to give you your right ful place in this universe , stay blessed shaista mufti


great work Mrs Rauf , u have a great talent of transforming feelings and emotions into an universal language , i know that it is very difficult to convey the feelings of one language into another but somehow u do it so well that sometimes i feel that u improve the intensity of original version , may God give the rightful place in this universe , stay blessed love u shaista mufti


Shaista dear you have made my day. im so elated. you have a broad vision n pure soul. love you always for yr decency n elegance


[…] Ek darwaza khulta hai […]


lovely piece of work madam 🙂


thank you Sara dear:) your words mean a lot to me. thank you again


Dear Mrs Rauf,

Really u r gudhri mai lal and I am so proud to have such a talented friend.God bless u and May Allah Keep u under his Special Protection and Rehmat.Ameen


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