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Posted on: August 16, 2011

I decided to translate one more beautiful poem ‘Mohabbat’ by Amjad Islam Amjad. Here’s the translation:


Love like dew—–
Slakes thirst of a petal’s rim
Elevate colors in the sepal’s brim;
Hums, smiles glitters at dawn
Boondocks feel divine drawn,
When in love————-
Love———as dew!

Love like cloud—-
Showers over the heartland
Garden’s elfin spot swings n beam
Flora flings on ever barren land;
Love enlivens the hearts who
Are like lifeless grave seam.
Love like cloud———

Love like fire——-
When gleam in the dull hearts
Hearts enliven;
Heat of love has strange secret
The more it be ablaze,
Life’s essence enlivens;
Gather n scatter on the shore of hearts,
Love like surf,
Love like turf
Love like fire.

Love akin to dream—-
Descending in eyes like moon
Stars of desires shimmer akin to
State of restless heart can’t be identified.
On the tree of love, dream birds descend
The branches wake up;
When weary stars chat to the world
The candles light in the forlorn eyes
Love burns like water lamps.
Love akin to dream———

Love like pang——-
Exist like mark of bygone seasons
Exists like the grown isolation;
When wicks flicker on the eaves
Winds of hopelessness heaves
When no tap no rap is felt in the lane
When sense of someone is in vain
When shoulder shatter with heartache
It caresses, like a well-wisher;
Hovers in the space for long
Like the dust;
Love like pain.

Here’s the original piece in Urdu:

Muhabbat Oss ki surat
Pyasi Pankhari kay hont ko sairab karti hay
Guloon kay Aasteno may anokhay rang bharti hay
Sahar kay Jhaptay may,Gungunati , Muskurati , Jagmagati hay
Muhabbat kay dino may dasht bhi mahsoos hota hay
Kisi Ferdos ki surat
Muhabbat Oss ki surat
Muhabbat abur ki surat

Dilo’n ki sarzamen pay gher kay ati or barasti hay
Chaman ka zara zara jhomta hay, Muskurata hay
Azal ki baynamo mitti may sabza sar uthata hay
Muhabbat unko bhi abad aur shadab karti hay
Jo dil hain qabar ki surat
Muhabbat abur ki Surat
Muhabbat Aag ki Surat!

Bujhay seeno may jalti hay tu dil baidar hoty hain
Muhabbat ki tapish mein kuch ajab israr hotay hain
Kay jitna bhi bharakti hay, Urosay Jaan Mahakti hay
Dilon kay sahilon par jama hoti aur bekharti hay
Muhabbat jhaag ki surat
Muhabbat, Aag ki surat
Muhabbat khuwab ki sorat
Neghao’n may utarti hay kisi mahtab ki surat
Setary Arzoo kay is tarha say jagmagaty hain
Kay pahchani nahi jati Dil e baytab ki surat!
Muhabbat kay shajar par khuwab kay panche utarty hain
Tu shakhain jaag uthti hain
Thakay haray setay jab zameen say baat karty hain
Tu kab ki Muntazir Ankhon may Shamain Jaag uthti hain
Muhabbat Un mein jalti hay Charagh E Aab ki surat
Muhabbat, Khuwab ki Surat!
Muhabbat dard ki surat

Guzishta mosomon ka istayarah ban kay rahti hay
Shaban E hijir mein, Roshin setara ban kay rahti hay
Munderon par charaghon ki loain jab thatharati hain
Nigar mein na umeedi ki hawain sunsunati hain
Gale mein jab koe ahat, koe saya nahi rahta
Dukhay dil kay lia jab koe bhi dhoka nahi rahta
Ghamon kay boojh say jab totnay lagtay hain shany tu
Ya in par hath rakhti hay
Kisi hamdard ki surat!
Guzar jati hain sary qaflay jab dil ki basti say
Fiza mein tayti hay dair tak
Ya gard ki surat,
Muhabbat,. Dard ki surat……

Image Credit: Mermaid in Bliss


19 Responses to "Love"

Well done ammi jan 🙂 Marvelous Mashallah. Keep writing…


nano mera baccha thank you for your love n moral support. i would again sincerely thank my dear Fariha who upload for me though her mother is disposed too. may she recover soon completely . ameen


that is beautiful…… i like reading ur blogs…


Thank you Anna ji for encouraging:) love you.


wow!!! i’m stunned, you have amazing vocabulary anno baji!! keep writing!


thank you my dear Abbeer. you are so generous to say such kind words. love u


great work mrs rauf keep up the great work , may allah bless u with reward u so truly deserve love u


your words are worthy for me Shaista dear. I’ try to do more hard work. do you know next blog is yr poetry’s translation:) i hope you like it.


Really its a great work i ever read, you are so brilliant i never knew ! Allah may give you more courage to write even much better than this !


thank you Masood. shukr ha aapko pata tu chala k im brillient hahahahhaa
keep reading n encouraging me


hamari mrs rauf gudri ka laal hain.very intellactual and talented….this translated gazal should be sent to amjad Islam amjad.


thank you Sabiha ji. i sent it to Amjad sahib n he likes it. he said he will send me a book too:)
freinds like you give strength n moral support.


Hey Aunty,
I am really found of good Ghazals and your translation has made this Ghazal worth reading.
Please keep posting nice Ghazal collection and their English version 🙂


Well done.. meri urdu lughat to ap hain hahaha..;-)


thnak you dear Zainab for encouraging. you will inshaAllah read my new translation of Shaista Muftis nazam soon.


waiting desperately 🙂


Love it , both Urdu and English version.
You are doing too good Mrs Rauf


i read the translation first and than i read the original and than again the what u created and really Mrs. Rauf hum jaisay logon ke smjh main itni jaldi thori ata hay aur jb smjh aya to baiikhtaiyar kaha, WAH!


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