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Twits and wits – some more!

Posted on: July 19, 2011

After clearing my tenth grade in First Division I applied for admission in the 11th grade. A week after submission of admission form was my interview.The day came and I appeared before board.It was the first interview of my life.

The Principal sat in middle and senior lecturers sat on her sides. She asked me about location of Kashmir as Geography was my major subject. I confidently said: “It’s above Pakistan”. Surprised with this unique answer, they asked me to explain. Again very self-assuredly I said, “Madam, if you see the map of Pakistan, Kashmir is always shown on the top.So, it’s above Pakistan.”ย  The room burst out in laughter ๐Ÿ˜€

Another question was:”Where is Rann of Kutch?” My confident answer again with,”I think its in Gujarat because it has ‘chch’ sound and this sound is mostly used in Gujarati language.”

After that they had no heart and patience to ask me any more question so, I was asked to wait outside. I donโ€™t know on what ability or capability but I was given admission ๐Ÿ˜€ After a few months the debate season came. Having read Urdu novels from childhood, I had clear pronunciation and fluency in Urdu and English both. I was nominated for all Pakistan Urdu debate.

The day came. My name was announced. I went to the stage and stood behind the dais but the rostrum was higher than my height. The hall started hooting.I folded my speech put it in my pocket and went to the centre of stage and stood there for some moments peacefully. The voices died. I started my speech and after I was done came back to my seat.

When all the speakers from different cities ‘n’ colleges were finished debating, the result got announced. They started from the one who stood Third. I clapped bigheartedly and kept applauding for the Second’n’First with same warmheartedness till my friend pinched me hard on my hand and said: “Stupid it’s you. Donโ€™t clap for yourself idiot.” Was I a fool or intelligent ๐Ÿ˜€ decide it yourself friends!

I was in 3rd year of college. There were elections for the college union. Rehana Malik was my class fellow. She was a very good student and had all qualities of a good human being too; but her short temper did not let her have a big circle of friends. So, she asked me to motivate others to vote for her as as to let her win the elections. I promised her to do so.

One day I was sitting in the college canteen sipping my tea with other friends. Rehana was there too but I did not notice her. So, laughing I said to girls in the canteen that, “Hey Rehana Malik asked me to vote for her. In return she will give us a treat if she wins. Though I have promised her but what do you all say? They all disagreed. I laughed without knowing that Rehana was listening. Girls stared to warn me of the upcoming danger, but as usual care free as I am I did not give it any significance. Rehana walked up to me. Girls got scared that Rehana will not spare Tanveer (me). Rehana never spared any one and fought with words as well as her limbs if need be ๐Ÿ˜€ I sat frozen and speechless. She patted my shoulder and said,”Tanveer, I donโ€™t know why I did not feel bad to hear all this. Rather, I learnt to be sincere and friendly with every one all the time and not only when we need support.” Every one present there cheered Rehana and as a result we all gave votes to her. She won the elections with flying colors ๐Ÿ˜€

Bilquis was my very dear and close friend. We sat next to each other in class. She was a very composed type of a girl. Though we ate, sat enjoyed and shared everything together but quarreled all the time just for nothing. One day we went to buy some cosmetics. I did not know that there were full size mirrors behind our back. So, when I looked in the front mirror I saw a girl with very thick shiny black hair braided. I whispered in her ear to see the beautiful hair this girl had. She gave me a knock on my shoulder and said,”Stupid, that’s you! ” The shop keeper smiled naughtily and I felt most brainless girl in the whole wide world.

We had some girls in our class who were not very good at English. So, I did assignments for each one of them. I wrote different matter in every book so as the teacher might not catch them for copying. As a result all my knowledge and ideas came to an end so I did not do my own assignment. I was a debater so the teacher always thought that she has seen my assignments and fortunately never asked me to show my copy to her.ย  I got delightful bliss to help others. This remained a secret till today.

My life is full of joys and sorrows. Being happy go lucky I shrug my shoulders every time and keep moving ahead.

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Nice read as always ๐Ÿ™‚ Next time I go to take any interview, I shall seek your advice before going, on how to ace at it ๐Ÿ˜‰




My dear amma bagi, as abba always said that you are versatile. I do not agree with you being a dumb. You are a person of great qualities. You had always brought pride to the family. I still remember you
bringing home the huge trophies of being the best english and urdu debator of Pakistan it was not once but few times that you were selected as the best debator. Talent speaks and gems shine and you are the one. We are very proud and found of you. You had always been very loving and generous and your interactive skills persuades.

Keep it up;


2day i m in Islamabad, 2 pleasant weather with rim jhim too, i was thinking 4 outing. after reading ur blog i feel i was really gone in my childhood, i was enjoying there but suddenly ur blog finished, plz continue writing. . . . outing. after reading ur blog i feel i was really gone in my childhood, i was enjoying there but suddenly ur blog finished, plz continue writing. . . .


2day i m in Islamabad, 2 pleasant weather with rim jhim too, i was thinking 4 outing. after reading ur blog i felt i was really gone in my childhood, i was enjoying there but suddenly ur blog finished, plz continue writing. . . .


[…] Twits and wits โ€“ some more! […]


Excellent piece; adorable is the presentation and diction arrangement…


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