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The true story touched my heart so deeply that I felt like sharing

A young Californian mother made the ultimate sacrifice for her newborn daughter when she refused lifesaving treatment for cancer.

Ashley Bridges was 10 months pregnant when she learned of her diagnosis. Doctors suggested her to start chemotherapy treatment immediately. It needed her baby to be terminated.

But Ashley refused to kill her healthy baby just because she was sick.

During her third trimester at eighth month Bridges was told that delaying treatment had allowed the cancer to spread.

“That’s basically when they told me that it was terminal.”  She said.

Bridges was told that needed to deliver Paisley immediately so she could start treatment.

Even with multiple rounds of chemotherapy, she was given less than a year to live.

“I felt like I tried so hard to keep Paisley safe and do the minimum (treatment) to keep her healthy. The thought that I’m not going to see her grow up is really hard” a tearful Bridges said.

The 24 years Bridges has one 6 year old son. His exact words were, “If you pass away, I want to come with you” she recalled.

Her family and friends take care of Paisley during day and her fiancé who is in the military takes the night shift. None of them has second guessed her decision.  “She’s a real _life superhero to be honest” said Jessica, Bridge’s sister. Bridges too has no regrets. “May be I’m not supposed to be here and Paisley is” Bridges said of Paisley

Its mother’s unconditional love for her baby

Taken from Yahoo news




Enchanting eyes,embedding heart he left,

Awakening life, in deep slumber, he left;

Covering face with his sleeve, he    left,

What was the hush-hush, he hid, he left;

Captivating my entire living being, he left,

Like stealing me from my being, he left;

He had come to soothe his craving of love,

Adding bright blaze to fire of love, he left;

Lips quivered mutely, he didn’t come,

Before leaving, staring at me, he left!


( extreme left sitting is Sabz Parri’s husband, I, Jansher Khan, Qamar Zaman, Mohibullah. Standing are Atlas Khan and his cousins at 8th World Open Championship Karachi)

It is rightly said that champions are born.

Every second person can’t be a champion, no matter how hard he tries. Its God gifted talent that excels with training, commitment and consistent effort.

For many years the name Khan had been synonymous with success in the game of squash.

Jansher Khan born 15 June 1969, in Peshawar, Pakistan    is a former World No. 1 professional Squash player from Pakistan. During his career he won the World Open a record eight times and the British Open six times. He won a total of 99 professional titles and was ranked the World No. 1 for over 10 years.

Jansher Khan is considered to be among the sport’s most illustrious figures.

Jansher first came to prominence when as an unknown he won the world junior championship. Two of his older brothers, however, excelled at the sport. Mohibullah, a top touring professional, and then Atlas, a highly rated amateur, competed in the 1970s.

It is an honor and pleasure for me that I know this champion family when they lived with us in Peshawar. His father was a storekeeper on the Pakistan Air Force payroll.

His eldest brother is Khan Sher, then his sister, Sabz Parri (green fairy)

Gulsher Khan, Mohibullah, Atlas and Jansher Khan

They belong to Nawai Kali a small village in Peshawar. Once in winter it rained nonstop for many days. Their mud house failed to resist the torrent rain.  The house was filled with rain water. Hence his father brought his family to our home. We had many quarters for staff so they settled there. I was a child then. Having no neighborhood or anyone to play with so felt very delighted to have them in our home. Sabz Parri was my age. We became good friends. Jansher’s mother was a very nice lady. She used to give us crushed ice mixed with sugar in summer afternoons. It used to be a treat for us, the children. She was very modest and caring responsible mother. Though poor having meager income. But she daily washed clothes of her children to keep them clean. Boys usually are careless and spoil their clothes. The mother was very strict. She used to send her sons to Officers’ Mess to help officers by picking up the squash balls for them.

These brothers practiced playing squash after the officers left. This is how they learnt playing squash.

There’s always a woman behind every successful man. The success of their championship is entirely their mother’s effort and support.

I watched his 8th World Open Champion match live in Karachi Creek Club.

In October 2011, it was revealed that Jansher was suffering from Parkinson.  He is being treated in Peshawar. I sincerely pray that he gets well soon and live a happy life again amen.

542922_501798283175288_537663201_n-1 (1)

  A story of brains, common sense and presence of mind

It’s a long time back story when people led simple life and helped each other.

Amina was a teacher. After her retirement she planned to see the places she had taught in class for so many years. She went from one place to another and enjoyed to see the important sightseeing spots. It took her months as she walked on foot by and large.

She reached a small village Spin Kali in north of Pakistan. By the time she got there, she had finished all her money.

She had not eaten anything for 3 days so was very hungry. She had a small cooking pot that she carried with her everywhere. She cooked in it, ate from it and drank water from it. It was a multi-use pot. It was time she didn’t know how to kill her hunger.

She was a teacher—-so had brains and common sense both! Teacher is always a teacher!

Some passersby saw an old unfamiliar lady making a fire.

Without taking any notice of them, she put some water in the cooking pot from the nearby lagoon. Then she put some weeds and pebbles in the pot. The villagers who had seen her build a fire saw her cooking something while going back home. They stopped and asked her who she was and what was she cooking.

She replied politely; “I am making soup of pebbles and herbs. This soup keeps young and energetic driving old age away.”  She further said that; “it’s an ancient tasty recipe passed down to her from her ancestors.” Amina then dropped in a smooth, round white stone she had in her pocket into the pot.

Amina told the villagers stories of her travels and the exciting things she’d seen. As the soup warmed, tasting the soup told them that it was coming along nicely, but, “a bit of salt would bring out the taste.” One curious villager went into her home and returned with some salt for the soup.
A few more villagers stopped by to see what was going on. She asked for some carrots, onion or veggies to add to the already delicious soup. So, another villager brought handful of peas, carrots garlic and tomatoes to her.

Hearing about a weird lady making a special soup developed interest and excitement among people of that village. Amina’s outlandish stories fascinated the simple villagers.  Step by step Amina made them bring some meat, potatoes to make the soup more nutritious.

Finally, the soup was ready and everyone enjoyed the tasty meal prepared for them from just pebbles, weeds, veggies, meat and other items. Thus she herself enjoyed the soup along with others.

Her stories and common sense made people friends with her. They welcomed her to stay as long as she wanted to in their village.  She stayed there till she breathed her last. She educated children and adults. She groomed their personalities. She also opened a school for children under a huge ancient tree. The name of the school was decided and chosen by all students and teachers. Our Future
she changed the outlook of the village and brought productive changes. She also educated the women and taught them many skills to live, love life respectfully. She’s still remembered with great respect and love

Working together, with each of us contributing a bit, we can be successful.

Samar Minallah Khan @SamarMinallahKh Anthropologist & Documentary Filmmaker. MPhil in Anthropology and Development from the University of Cambridge, UK, Asia Foundation's Chang Lin Tien Fellow,

Samar Minallah Khan
Anthropologist & Documentary Filmmaker. MPhil in Anthropology and Development from the University of Cambridge, UK, Asia Foundation’s Chang Lin Tien Fellow,

Nida Sameer got her Masters in Mass Communication from Karachi University in 2001 and Young Development Professional Programme (YDPP) from NGORC (Aga Khan Foundation) Karachi in 2002. Afterward, she achieved another master’s degree in media and communications from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, on a British Foreign and Commonwealth Scholarship in 2005.

Nida Sameer got her Masters in Mass Communication from Karachi University in 2001 and Young Development Professional Programme (YDPP) from NGORC (Aga Khan Foundation) Karachi in 2002. Afterward, she achieved another master’s degree in media and communications from School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, on a British Foreign and Commonwealth Scholarship in 2005.

Queen of Tracks’, success came with a price. “I never got anything from the government, I’m still living in Korangi, and I’m never leaving the area because that’s where I belong.

Queen of Tracks’, success came with a price.
“I never got anything from the government, I’m still living in Korangi, and I’m never leaving the area because that’s where I belong.

Me a woman

History portrayed me as failure

At times dust, at times wilderness

Rebuked me, thrust aside me

Each day disgracing ridiculed me

But like moon and stars on horizon

I kept getting higher each day

Like the jumpy surfing waves

Kept surpassing seashore’s ebb

Like ambition grow and bloom

And new good spirits blossom

My aspirations swiftly boom

To keep elevating to the skies;

While you endeavored to sever me

And to bow down my being at thy feet

Like running down tears, to beseech

While fondness for beauty was there,

You remained petrified of my elation;

Thou tried to dig up my past happening s,

Remained unacquainted of my present;

Thou crushed my heart ironically,

Burnt my soul with your sniping glance

Killed me from first to last by hatred;

Intensity of malice and disrespect

My prudence and spirit decided to

Bury grief, woe, anguish, fear and gloom

There and then only;

Attiring in the robe of compassion,

Tread on the path of love;

I breathe today with a new vision

New hope new horizon—-

I am the woman!

Life is an opportunity given to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the soul regardless of any gender!

images (2)images (1)

Have you ever thought about the important role your feet play in our daily life?

I’m serious. On face value, our feet touch the ground whenever we are standing, walking or running, and they are extensions of the legs, which help move us. But our feet are much more than that. After all, they are the foundation of our body, which means keeping our feet healthy can help keep us healthy.

Foot problems are one of the most common health complaints. The high incidence of foot problems is understandable given the fact that there are 26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments, and tendons, nerves, and blood vessels in the foot. It’s even more coherent when the weight of the body is considered. The force of the body weight borne by the foot increases roughly 1½ time during walking and up to 3-4 times during running. Add in 10,000 steps during a typical day while wearing ill-fitted shoes possibly, and it’s a wonder one’s feet are willing to get out of bed the next day.

Not all feet are created equal. To tell what type of foot one has, one can get the bottom of the feet wet, stand on a paper bag, and check the outline of foot. If a lot of the foot between the heel and forefoot can be seen, then one has a flat foot.

 1. Flat Foot pronation

  • This is typically a flexible foot, providing decreased stability during walking.
  • If this person’s shoe is placed on a flat surface, the shoe may tilt inward.
  • Related problems include metatarsal stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, patellar pain, and hip pain.

Proper Shoe

  • A flat foot benefits from a motion controlshoe – a heavier, less flexible shoe. This limits excessive inward motion and helps stabilize the foot which is typically too flexible.
  • The heel counter(the area surrounding the heel) is very firm to squeeze, providing stability in the heel
  1. High Arched Foot supinator
  • The high arched foot tends to be a more rigid, less flexible foot with more weight borne on the outside part of the foot.
  • Less shock absorption occurs in the foot.
  • If this person’s shoe is placed on a flat surface, the shoe may tilt outward.
  • Problems seen with this type of foot include stress fractures in the tibia or femur, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

Proper Shoe

  • A high arched foot benefits from a cushionedshoe providing shock absorption. This reduces the amount of impact transmitted upwards through the legs.
  1. Neutral Foot neutral
  • This is a more desirable foot structure. The neutral foot therefore provides a combination of shock absorption and stability at the appropriate times during walking or running.
  • An even wear pattern on the shoe sole is expected with a minimum of calluses.

Proper Shoe

  • The neutral foot benefits from a stability shoe, which provides both cushioning control.

Sport Specific Footwear

If one participates in a sport three times a week or more, it would be beneficial to purchase footwear designed specifically for that sport. For instance, playing basketball requires a stiffer sole for running and good cushioning for shock absorption from landing jumps. Runners in general require additional shock absorption. Court sports and sports like soccer, rugby, and Ultimate Frisbee require footwear providing good lateral support for the frequent and quick change of direction.

Flip flops

Wearing flip flops is very popular during warmer months. In most cases flip flops are not good for the feet. For someone with flat feet, flip flops provide no support. For someone with high arches, many flip flops have minimal cushioning. Prolonged standing or walking in flip flops will often, over time, cause the onset of pain in the feet, ankles, or further up the body.

Hence friends take great care of feet as they are the ones who take us everywhere to see and enjoy the beautiful nature Allah created for us


There was a beautiful orange and golden butterfly.  Beautiful black dots added more charm to it. Its beauty was gripping

The Butterfly was very selfish, cruel and stone hear-ted. It used to gasp the fragrance and sweetness of beautiful flowers.

One fine day on a peaceful morning, the butterfly flew as its daily routine in search of flowers.

It saw a garden which was full of flowers .The selfish Butterfly felt very happy. It started flying from one flower to the other. The butterfly saw a beautiful pink rose with diamond dew drops on its soft velvety petals. The butterfly had never seen such a lovely flower before.  It said to itself “Oh! What a divine flower it is!”  It didn’t sit on it.  The butterfly postponed it till next morning.

Next morning it went again. It hovered around the flower all day.

The flower observing its madness asked,

Flower said: “Oh! Cruel Butterfly, why don’t you gasp my sweet scent?”

Butterfly: “Oh! Beautiful divine rose! I want to become pure like you.” It was in love with that beautiful rose. It decided to propose the rose the next morning.

Next morning, very happily flew to meet its love.

But someone had plucked crushed and thrown it on the ground.

The Butterfly sat near the dead body of its lovely rose

the broken heart Butterfly cried utterly and said …………!

“Oh! Beautiful Rose …. I truly loved you. Beautiful Rose you will be in my heart till my heart stops! Oh! Beautiful Rose I love you forever!

The Butterfly was in deep grief.  It couldn’t bear the woe. It died. The sky also shed tears. It rained heavily on lovers’ dead bodies.

Butterfly and Rose met in the Heaven.

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