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Heart’s pounding made me recall

It was your remembrance I recall;

O’ friend! It was arduous stability,

Missed you surprisingly in calamity

Hardly had spent the daytime when,

Remembered thy night’s promise then;

Your forgotten owing assurance——

Would perish if remember hence;

Many persons get involved again

 Rang a bell of era of delight again;

Sitting under the flowers’ shade, Nasir

Wept copiously in her memories!


What to say about smoldering Palestine

Terror quivers to spend night there

The scars darted on people are undying

How to soothe, relinquish or to pacify?

What to say to the merciless beings

Who purged so many innocent lives?

Words are worthless, no gist no effect

O’ Allah how to call upon, what to say

Couldn’t do justice your empathy

Why to pray for, all night long?

Cities have plunged in debris, mourn

Evacuating own home move to suburb


 Its  thou or thy shadow,

Loneliness has disguised;

Heart’s manor has padlock

of silence ,since long;

Deserted rooms shrill

 Evening winds thence trill

translation of Nasir Kazmi’s poetry




Allah created everything in pairs like 4 seasons, man and woman, darkness and light etc. to distinguish, identify and understand their impact on human life. Though they all have basic elements yet their appearance, feel and effect vary.

What true love is, I would like to enlighten you with its rival i.e. the lust ——-?

The true love is to give, sacrifice and surrender while the lust is to get, to capture and to possess—–

Lust is fire that afire others’ needs to please own richness

Lust is desirous of seizing power, status, chattels and all physical worldly attractions through fair and unfair means.

But love is peace, serene and harmony.

Love, peace serenity and harmony are qualities a human being is instilled, in mother’s womb.

But ways of life develop and change with location and situation. Satan is born to misguide. Hence he’s playing his part honestly.

Allah is love. Being His best creation we have the same qualities of Him. Like a drop of water is worthless but when in ocean, it smoothly flows or furious accordingly.  As a poet said; “ mauj hay derya mai aur bayrun –e – dunya kuch nai” ( meansing; waves have no value  outside river)

But the same drop of water is life giving to the cactii in desert.

A drop of water becomes a pearl when an oyster enclose  it in its womb.

So if a man does a small act of kindness, his latent ability of being human emerges and affects positively not only himself but people around him.

As flowers bloom in spring due to rain, weather beautifying the atmosphere and affects the mood and behavior pleasingly so contiguous acts of gentleness changes human to humane thus true love is nurtured step by step and genuinely.

Consequently a human being transforms into pious trustworthy and upright man.

Prophets were designed as such, as they were assigned great responsibility to preach the message of brotherhood and compassion. But saints and aulias, dervish groomed themselves with rigorous practice of being self-sacrificing to become true lovers of Allah.

Hazrat Amir Khusro was greatly inspired by Hazrat NIzamuddin.  He was intoxicated in love of NIzamuddin Aulia.  So much so that he cited, “You’ve taken away my looks, my identity, by just a glance. By making me drink the wine of love-potion. I have come and fallen at your door step, for you to safeguard my pride, my dignity. You are my man, Oh beloved of Almighty; Dye me in your hue.

Maulana Rumi. It was his meeting with the dervish Shams-e Tabriz that completely changed his life. From an accomplished teacher and jurist, Rumi was transformed into an ascetic.

RUMI is concerned with the spiritual evolution of a human being:

*Man not conscious of God is akin to an animal and true consciousness makes him divine

*Love is not written on paper, for paper can be erased. Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken. But it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever.

*The lover’s cause is separate from all other causes
Love is the astrolabe of God’s mysteries

* “In Turkish culture,” he said, “Sufism has always provided the religious justification for the fine arts. It is like the sea and a boat: one cannot exist without the other. ”

Hasan of Basra and the Fire-Worshipper

Hasan had a neighbour named Simeon who was a fire-worshipper. Simeon fell ill and was at death’s door. Friends begged Hasan to visit him; he called, to find him in bed, blackened with fire and smoke. “Fear God,” Hasan counselled him. “You have passed all your life amid fire and smoke. Accept Islam, that God may have mercy on you.” “Three things hold me back from becoming a Muslim,” the fire-worshipper replied. “The first is, that you speak ill of the world, yet night and day you pur-sue worldly things. Secondly, you say that death is a fact to be faced, yet you make no preparation for death. In the third place, you say that God’s face shall be seen, yet today you do everything contrary to His good pleasure.”

“This is the token of those who know truly” Hasan commented. “Now if believers act as you describe, what have you to say? They acknowledge the unity of God, whereas you have spent your life in the worship of fire. You who have worshipped fire for seventy years, and I who have never worshipped fire we are both carried off to Hell. Hell will consume you and me. God will pay no regard to you, but if God so wills, the fire will not dare so much as to burn one hair of my body. For fire is a thing created by God and the creature is subject to the Creator’s command. Come now, you who have worshipped fire for seventy years; let us both put our hands into the fire, then you will see with your own eyes the impotence of fire and the omnipotence of God.”

So saying, Hasan thrust his hand into the fire and held it there. Not a particle of his body was affected or burnt. When Simeon saw this he was amazed. The dawn of true knowledge began to break. “For seventy years I have worshipped fire,” he groaned. “Now only a breath or two remains to me. What am I to do?” “Become a Muslim,” was Hasan’s reply.

“If you give it me in writing that God will not punish me,” said Simeon, “then I will believe. But until I have it in writing, I will not believe.” Hasan wrote it down. “Now order just witnesses of Basra to append their testimony.” The witnesses endorsed the document. Then Simeon wept many tears and proclaimed the faith. He spoke his last testament to Hasan. “When I die, bid them wash me, then commit me to the earth with your own hands, and place this document in my hand. This document will be my proof.”

Having charged Hasan thus, he spoke the attestation of faith and died. They washed his body, said the prayer over him, and buried him with the document in his hand. That night Hasan went to sleep pondering what he had done. “How could I help a drowning man, seeing that I am drowning myself? Since I have no control over my own fate, why did I venture to prescribe how God should act?”

With this thought he fell asleep. He saw Simeon in a dream glowing like a candle, on his head a crown, robed in fine raiment, he was walking with a smile in the garden of Paradise. “How are you, Simeon?” Hasan enquired. “Why do you ask? You can see for yourself,” Simeon answered. “God Almighty of His bounty brought me nigh His presence and graciously showed me His face.The favours He showered upon me surpass all descrip-tion. You have honoured your guarantee, so take your document. I have no further need of it.”

When Hasan awoke, he saw that parchment in his hand.“Lord God,” he cried, “I know well that what Thou doest is without cause, save of Thy bounty. Who shall suffer loss at Thy door? Thou grantest a fire-worshipper of seventy years to come into Thy near presence because of a single utterance. How then wilt Thou exclude a believer of seventy years?”

Copied from SUFI WIKI


Teachers are like rulers. They place orders and wish to see their orders obeyed fully completely and without any error. (They forget that err is to human—–:)

They have all rights reserved to punish students the way they like. They can order a student to keep standing for as long as they like, or stand facing the wall, kneeling down with hands up is one of the favorite punishments of teachers. Scales are made to check the thickness of the students’  hide (teachers think students have hide not skin :)) or to measure the level of pain student can bear, so to beat softly or   harshly, depending on the tolerance of the students or patience of a teacher’s own muscle.

No one can do anything or raise voice against teachers. The presidents, judges, butchers, mechanics, doctors, engineers have all been through it when they were students. That’s the reason why justice is delayed and  culprits are sentenced to death, butchers make fine mince, and doctors do surgeries lovingly. They all have their treacherous teachers in mind when performing their jobs :) with due apology to teachers lol

Teachers  deduct or give marks while checking exam papers according to their moods. They may give marks for not attempting the question even or can deduct marks for poor handwriting. They are the kings of all students in their jurisdiction.

The most interesting thing is that teachers like to be loved and respected like faithful bondsman.

But if wishes of students ever came true, then such cruel teachers would have all die.

It is said that teachers are preachers like prophets. They teach, preach and brush up students’ character and take out the latent abilities. So I want to be a teacher like my own teachers (I hope they read this line—otherwise you know my future will be a dark one—-:)) Teaching is the profession I like most.

I want to make them good human beings, good citizens to make their country grow in all fields.

To instill the values and virtues in students’ minds is my utmost aspiration

If you can’t be a king—be a teacher as Mughal King Shahjahan asked his son to provide him a wooden rod and some students when he was imprisoned by his won son. THE SON SAID TO HIMSELF THAT KINGSHIP IS STILL THERE :)


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