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Seven things about me




Thank you Ajaytao for nominating me for the award

Seven thing about me



A mountaineer was climbing a high mountain. It was his 3rd day of mountain climbing. It was chilly winter night. The night was dark and gloomy. He was alone without any guide or team. Clouds have covered the moon and the starts so he could see nothing up or down. But he knew that he was just a few feet away from the peak. Something unbelievable happened.  He slipped. He slipped and fell in to the air, falling at great speed. He could only see black spots as he went down, and the terrible sensation of being sucked by gravity.

He kept falling, and in the moments of great terror, it came to his mind all the good and bad happenings of his life. He was thinking that how close death was getting; when all of a sudden he felt the rope tied to his waist pull him very hard. His body was hanging in the air.

Only the rope was holding him and in that moment of stillness he had no other choice other to scream: “Help me God.”

All of a sudden a deep voice coming from the sky answered, “What do you want me to do?”

“Save me God.”

“Do you really think I can save you?”

“Of course I believe You can.”

“Then cut the rope tied to your waist.”

There was a moment of silence.  The man was double minded. He could not decide what to do. Life is very precious. Being young he wanted to live long to enjoy life to the fullest. Hence he decided to hold on to the rope with all his strength.

The next day it was in newspaper with his photo saying,”The rescue team found a dead and frozen, body of a mountaineer hanging from a rope. His hands tightly held the rope. Poor man was just one foot away from the ground.

Moral of the story: Don’t ever doubt about the words of God. We should never say that He has forgotten us or neglected us.

elephantpicture (1)antsL0108_468x388

Hazrat Suleiman (A.S) was a prophet of Allah. Allah gave him the power to understand languages of all animals, jinns and persons.  His kingdom was the largest of all kingdoms until today. He ruled over all living things, land and sea.

He was a very judicious. He was also very kind and compassionate.

Everyone in his kingdom loved him.

It did not rain for a long time.  So there was no water to drink or food to eat. Animals and plants were dying of hunger. He got very concerned. Hence one day he decided to go with his group of animals and courtiers in search of water.

He crossed rivers, mountains and plains. There was a valley of Nimal where the ants lived.

The Queen Ant was a very diligent and responsible queen. Drought and famine had affected them as well.

She was there with all ants under the blue sky to pray for rain. The Queen Ant prayed to Allah: “O, Allah, You are so kind to us. You give us food to eat and water to drink. There is no rain so no food and no water.  I can’t bear to see my ants dying. Please Allah send rain to make our land fertile. Please forgive us. Amen.”

After she finished her prayers she heard the heavy thumping sound of elephants’ feet on the ground coming from far off. She at once realized that Hazrat Suleiman was coming with his people and animals. After a while they saw dust in the air.

She warned the ants: “Be careful!  Go quickly go into your holes at once.  Hazrat Suleiman is coming. He’s not coming to harm us but how will he know that we live here. You will be killed under heavy hooves and feet of elephants.”

Hazrat Suleiman heard the Queen.

Hazrat Suleiman (A.S) smiled to hear the Queen Ant’s words of concern.

He respected the Queen for taking care of life of her ants.

He said: “A ruler must take care of life and property like the Queen Ant.

Hazrat Suleiman said to his people: “Let’s go back. The ants have done our job. It will rain surely now.”


May 16, 2013 by Jane Johann

Thank you so much Jane for nominating this award to me. Friends I’m learning to post and forward this award to my blogger friends for their care concern and quality blogs. Love each one of you. Please forgive me I just cant do it :(

Wonderful Team Member Readership Award – Thank You!

wonderful-team-membership-awardEen welgemeende dank aan Patty van http://petitemagique.wordpress.com mij hebben genomineerd voor deze prijs!

A heartfelt thank you to Patty of  http://petitemagique.wordpress.com for nominating me for this award!

Since we are able to do the awards over a period of seven days, my first SEVEN  Nominees are:


Paul Mark Sutherland

http://gyatoday.wordpress.com. Paul is very kind and generous. He likes every stuff i post. he is a creative blogger.

  1. E. Lattimer








  A man was fond of keeping dogs. He trained them and looked after them very well.  the master and his dogs were famous in the locality. People used to come and enjoyed seeing so many well-bred  dogs.

He bought a small puppy that was very active and mischievous. The man had special affection towards it. With passing time it grew into a beautiful sturdy dog. But it was wild and mischievous.   Though the master and trainer tried to train and tame it too but in vain.  One day the dog bit a poor servant out of mischief while it was being washed.

Every day’s complains against it made the master humiliated. So one day, to get rid of the nasty dog, his master thought of leaving it in a forest for good. He shared this idea with his neighbor.

The neighbor however suggested: “That’s not the correct way friend. To tame such a wild animal is to fix a chain around his neck and attach a heavy wooden block to the end of it. That will stop him from biting and disturbing others.” Agreeing with his neighbor the master did the same.

Next day the dog, looking at its wooden block went down to market place, shaking and enjoying rowdy sound that attracted everyone’s attraction.

An old dog came near him and said, “If I were in your place I would make less noise and not draw people’s attention like you.”

The rowdy dog replied; “If we don’t respect ourselves, no one else would!” Wearing a strap is a mark of fame and not a symbol of shame!”


Some silly people often mistake cheap publicity for fame like the rowdy dog

integrity is virtue

integrity is virtue

It was a cold and windy night. We friends met after a long time and were chatting for hours in a restaurant. We did not notice that time flew away and it was close to ten. We decided to take an auto rickshaw to go back home.

It started raining and we hurried to get into an auto rickshaw and reach our place. None of the auto rickshaws stopped for us, except one.

The driver asked us where we wanted to go and we told the place. Without a single word about fare, he said, ‘please get in!’

It was so cold and heavy shower of rain made it chillier so we at once got in the rickshaw

However we thanked the kind driver for stopping for us when no other rickshaw or taxi did.

The driver asked us where we wanted to go and we told the place. Without talking anything about the fare he started to move.

Since it was very cold, so I asked  Rehman (the driver) to stop and have a cup of tea with us when we got home.

He refused. I insisted him to take a cup as it was very cold.

He refused again.

My friend asked, ‘Do you mind having tea with us?’

Driver Rehman replied,  ‘Thank you sir, but I’m sorry I don’t feel like having tea now.’

My friend asked, ‘Do you have any habit that you won’t eat outside?’

Rehman said, ‘No!’

My friend became angry on him, ‘You think we are not equal to share a cup of tea with you?’

I was really surprised at his behavior and asked my friend not to compel him.

I was inquisitive to know the reason so I stopped him. Then what he said was heartbreaking.

He said in a very low tone. ‘Sir, my son passed away in an accident today. I don’t have enough money for his funeral. How can I drink tea or eat anything? I don’t feel the cold, rain or hunger. My heart is burning of grief.  Will you please excuse me and let me go. I have to make money. If I get two or three more customers I can get enough to meet my expenses of funeral.’

We friends were stunned and so much  moved, so offered him to bear the expenses but he refused politely but firmly.

He said, ’Thank you for your generosity. I don’t want to bury my son with charity money. I believe that Allah will help me. I will earn it before dawn.’

He could have charged us double or triple the amount like other common rickshaw drivers in the middle of the night and in such weather but he was a man of principles.

In spite of his poor financial condition and utter need he stood by his integrity.

He left a strong impact of his virtuous character on us.

z_1_4callaLily2CH Calla Liliesblue-flax-wedding-flowers-3Lily_of_the_Valley_2_by_Degenetron

Dear Allah,! I want You to plant every virtue in my heart, as if You were planting roses and lilies of every color in a field. And I want seeds from those to blow into other souls, that they too may share beauty You alone can give——-amen


Long time back a man and a lion met on the roadway.   For some distance they traveled quiet happily.  But the friendly chat turned serious when both tried to prove them superior over each other.

  The debate grew hot.  While going they saw a statue (an image made of wood or stone) which showed Hercules killing a lion by gripping his throat tightly.

“See there!” said the man. “That statue proves that I am right. This is the stronger proof of a man’s superiority over a lion.”

  “That does not prove a thing” replied the lion. “If the lions were the sculptures (the man who make figures by carving wood or stone) then every statue would show a lion standing over a man!”



The one who has power, show himself superior to other.

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