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Seven thing about me






The purpose of Adam Day is to remind people that we need to be able to live and let live; this is important for all levels and all different aspect of our society. This special day is in recognition of the common humanity descended from Adam who is generally accepted as the first human being and the father of the human race. In the present turbulent world it is important that we remember that we all have a responsibility to promote love, peace and harmony in our very diverse society.


Azeemia Foundation has been celebrating ADAM DAY in Manchester UK every year since 2003. This year this event will be held seventh time at Manchester and second time at London.

Azeemia Foundation (UK)

Al-Shaikh Azeemi’s mission and his invitation to the whole of mankind is that they should learn the Inner Knowledge and realize their latent potential so that they may get to know the Lord Creator of the universe, and hence enjoy a blissful life both here and in the hereafter.


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How can I forget it all  

Those children————–

Who making crown of flowers, gave

Everyone to adorn their hair;

Those traveling blissful people

Enjoyed beautiful picturesque air;

That sight and the scene I face now!

How can I forget?

How can I forget them?

The ones who adorned

My head, with crown of flora;

How can I forget them?

The ones who helped me pull out

 My car from the ditch in foggy night,

Fed me and my daughter with food

And wrapped my mother with a shawl;

But now——-!

What I see is nothing but debris

All ruined by earthquake

How can I forget them?


Shams Tebriz


Patience is not sitting and waiting, it is foreseeing. It is looking at the thorn and seeing the rose, looking at the night and seeing the day. Lovers are patient and know that the moon needs time to become full.


A Quote By

Shams Tabrizi

one of the best way of testing honey if its pure or immure is that put  some drops of honey on the floor anywhere in the house. IF ants eat it then its not PURE HONEY. because if  ants loved honey then there would have been no honey in the world as ants can climb trees and there would never be any beehives or honey :) I tried this test and found that honey was pure :)

I also tried honey with burning matchstick. that was true too.

Pure honey also crystallized if kept in a fridge for long.

Honey is very easy to digest and has countless benefits for good physical and mental health




I had gone to National Bank to get my pension where I saw Masood Ahmed Barkati sahib.

Masood Ahmed Barkati, has been editing the Hamdard Naunehal, a famous children’s magazine, since 1953.    

 He was there to take his pension too. It was immense pleasure for me to see him after so long. I served Hamdard too for almost a decade, hence everything related to Hakim Said or Hamdard is charismatic for me. I went to him. He was comfortably sitting in a chair. One of the staff was very kind and he did all formalities for Barkati sahib himself.

I went to him and introduced myself. Barkati sahib asked me sit next to him. We talked about old and golden days of Hamdard when Hakim Said was alive.

It is a sophisticated way of dressing up for men of elite class to wear sherwani (long cotton coat) when going out.

I wanted to avail the chance of getting photographed with him. So I requested him for a photograph with me. I was so impressed to see him button up his sherwani. These are values which the new modern generation doesn’t give importance to.

As 78-years-young, he is still editing the magazine and has just brought out a voluminous special annual issue.

It is no exaggeration to say that he has educated and mentally nurtured generations of our children. Those who have been reading ‘ Naunehaal ‘ and now have grown up and have become successful professionals include people  from all walks of life. Many of them are quite prominent in their respective fields, some have even become celebrities.

Barkati Sahib has not only made generations of children read useful, healthy, informative  and educative material through his magazine but he has nurtured and trained many a writer. Barkati Sahib quite humbly dedicates his success to Hakeem Muhammad Said, the moving spirit behind Naunehaal who conceived the idea and who offered Barkati Sahib the post in 1953 and then, according to Barkati Sahib, kept on guiding him till his death in 199

He made my day. May he live long, to illuminate our minds with his wisdom and manners, amen 

Be contented with what you possess in life; be thankful for what does not belong to you, for it is so much care the less.



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